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Vice-Chancellor Message

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Meeting the global demand for quality food, fibre and fuel is the major challenge for agriculture in the twenty-first century as by 2050 the world will have to feed and clothe 32% more people than we do now. The greatest challenge before us is to achieve this without irreparable damage to the ecosystem. The burgeoning population, abrupt weather, limited fresh water resources and land degradation will have a significant impact on our ability to meet these targets. Science based solutions are essential to achieve these wider goals. Our objective is to empower the scientists who can not only solve the daunting task to feed the billions, but also leading the society to peace and prosperity. We have to rethink about our strategies for rural prosperity through advanced research that can support agriculture and community development, medicine and industry.
"The CCSHAU Science Forum" will provide a platform to stimulate out of box thinking through exchange of ideas and knowledge about the latest happenings around the world in science and technology especially relevant to agriculture. This initiative will enable us to develop research programs to address the current problems in agricultural and allied fields. Scientists and policy planners in Brazil, China and some other countries in Asia have entered the scientific arena in a big way to improve life and health of hundreds of millions of their countrymen and India can't afford to lag behind.
By organizing lecture series, "The CCSHAU Science Forum" will bring over eminent guest scientists to our campus who will apprise us about the latest developments in different disciplines of science and technology. This is high time to start the Science Forum to instil confidence in our scientists and students enabling them to be future leaders in research and teaching. The Forum will provide not only the opportunity to listen, but also to interact with these learned speakers in a relaxed and congenial environment.
The Forum will also address the special needs of students through their presentations and invited lectures on special topics to strengthen them with fundamental concepts and skills required for a successful career in agriculture, basic and allied sciences. The student representatives from constituent colleges have a special role to play here.
It is science that promises to make the world better and make the life of the people better.
I wish the CCSHAU Science Forum a grand success.
Prof. Dr. K. P. Singh

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