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Meeting the global demand for quality food, fibre and fuel is the major challenge for agriculture in the twenty-first century as by 2050 the world will have to feed and clothe 32% more people than we do now. The greatest challenge before us is to achieve this without irreparable damage to the ecosystem. The burgeoning population, abrupt weather, limited fresh water resources and land degradation will have a significant impact on our ability to meet these targets. Science based solutions are essential to achieve these wider goals. Our objective is to empower the scientists who can not only solve the daunting task to feed the billions, but also leading the society to peace and prosperity. We have to rethink about our strategies for rural prosperity through advanced research that can support agriculture and community development, medicine and industry. Read More


Presentation by Dr. Vinod Shivrain on Global overview of Agriculture Challenges and Opportunities on 30 Sept, 2016 at 11:00am in COBS&H, Auditorium

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