The Regional Research Station was established in 1971 in this region when a project on Dryland Agriculture from Haryana Agricultural University (HAU), Hisar was shifted to erstwhile Dry Farming Research Center (DFRC) Bawal. The centre was started with 4 scientists designated as Agronomist, Assistant Agronomist, Assistant Soil Scientist and Assistant Plant Physiologist, primarily to test the dry farming technology evolved under All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) for Dry land Agriculture located at HAU, Hisar, besides management of farm. Thereafter, several other projects viz., operational research project on pulses, use of brackish water, farming system, improvement of pearl millet, barley, oilseed and forage crops, arid-horticulture, vegetables and livestock management, started functioning. But the station reached to its real juvenile stage in 1979 when a team of 17 scientists from different disciplines joined hand to strengthen the station activities under National Agricultural Research Project (NARP). Henceforth, strengthening of the station was done under NARP (Phase II) in 1988, National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) in 2000 and further under AICRP on castor in 2006.


The research station is located at latitude 28.10N, longitude 76.50E and 266 m above mean sea level in South-West zone of Haryana. The station has about 100 ha land. By road, it is 12 km from Rewari and 95 km from Delhi on Delhi-Mumbai NH-8.