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Post Graduate Studies

Dr. (Mrs.) Asha Kawatra Dean, Post-graduate Studies

Dr. (Mrs.) Asha Kawatra

Associate Dean
Dr. Satish Kumar, Ph.D.  (Agronomy)

Building of  Postgraduate Studies 
Mailing Address :
 Postgraduate Studies
 CCS Hayana Agricultural University
 Hisar - 125 004, India.

Telephone :  +91-1662-289326
284314 (O), 289777(R)
9416544261 (Mobile)


Dean, Postgraduate Studies office basically shoulder the following responsibilities : --

1.       To upgrade the course work in view of the ICAR recommendations and   the stakeholders of the State and implementation thereof  in letter and spirit.

2.       To monitor the postgraduate research in the university.

3.       To conduct the activities such as admissions, registrations, appointment of examiners, evaluation of thesis, preparation of transcripts, organizing convocation and providing degrees, selections for gold medals, best teacher awards, etc.

            The Dean, Post-graduate Studies has been entrusted the responsibility of postgraduate teaching at the university in consultation with the Deans of the constituent colleges, Director of Research and Director of Extension Education. Further, Dean is responsible for coordination of research of  postgraduate students and its integration with the thrust areas of research. The course curriculum has been revised and updated from time to time as per ICAR guidelines and also by keeping in view the specific requirements of  Haryana State.

Postgraduate Programmes

Presently, the university offers postgraduate programs comprising Master`s in 32 (including MBA) and Doctor of Philosophy in 24 disciplines. In both programs, 25% students are admitted through the ICAR representing different states of India. At the beginning of 1 st semester 2016-17, a total No. of 782 students are on roll, comprising of 432 and 350 in M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs, respectively. 

Students on roll in constituent colleges  


M.Sc. students















Basic Sci. & Humanities







Agri. Engg. & Tech.







Home Sci.















Foreign students

Being one of the leading agricultural universities in the country, foreign students from countries like Vietnam, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Namibia etc. are admitted in various disciplines for M.Sc. /Ph.D. programmes. At present 15 foreign students are pursuing studies in different postgraduate programmes.


In order to provide job-oriented and/or self-employment opportunities, trainings to fresh graduates as well as persons employed in various organizations requiring technical know-how and wanting to face the challenges in the new millennium, postgraduate diploma courses in Communication Skills in English, English-Hindi Translation in the College of Basic Sciences & Humanities, Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Graphics and Video Production in the College of Home Science and Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Agriculture and Environment in College of Agriculture are offered.

Central Laboratory

The Central Laboratory under the control of Dean, Postgraduate Studies has been a boon for postgraduate students. For analysis of quality parameters of plants, soil and water, most sophisticated equipments like atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS-800), amino acid analyzer, grain analyzer, auto analyzer, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), etc. are available in this laboratory. PG students irrespective of colleges can utilized the facility of central laboratory. Central laboratory also organize trainings to the laboratory staff of different departments of the univ. for updating their knowledge.

University stipend/merit stipend    

For Master Programme: There are following categories of stipends for Mater's degree programmes :- 

(a)               A student enrolled for Master's programme (except for MBA, M.Sc.- FST, MBB & Bio-informatics) possessing an OGPA of 7.0/10.00 at the time of admission for 1st semester and thereafter  maintains/acquires OGPA of 7.5/10.00 shall be awarded merit stipend of the value of Rs. 2000 per month provided he/she is not in receipt any duty pay/monetary aid from any source except sports awards.

(b)               Merit stipend of Rs. 1000 per month to 10% of students enrolled for MBA, M.Sc. -FST, MBB and Bioinformatics subject to fulfilling the OGPA requirements. 

(c)                Stipend of the value of Rs. 600 per head per month for non-inservice students (except MBA, M.Sc. - FST, MBB & Bioinformatics) who are not in receipt of merit stipend or any other monetary aid/duty pay from the University/or other Govt. or non-Govt. agency. 

For Ph.D. programme: There are  following categories of stipends for Doctoral degree programmes : -

(a)                 Merit stipend of the amount of Rs. 3000 per month for such non-inservice students who possess at the time of admission or acquire and maintain thereafter a minimum OGPA 3.5/4.00 or 7.5 under 10 point scale. 

(b)                Stipend of  value of Rs. 1000 per head per month to non-inservice student (except MBB) who are not in receipt of any fellowship or merit stipend or monetary aid/duty pay from this University or other Govt. or non Govt. agencies.           

The merit stipends /stipend is given for two and three academic years from the date of admission to Mater's and Ph.D. program, respectively subject to fulfillment of certain conditions. 

A special provision for PG students belonging to SC category has been made in which financial help provided for attending Seminar/Conferences to upgrade them for future thrust areas and new research achievements in different fields. 

Other fellowship

The students are also competing for JRF/SRF offered by the ICAR, the CSIR and the UGC. The amount of these fellowship ranges from Rs.8640 P.M. (JRF) for M.Sc. to Rs.12, 000 P.M. (SRF) for Ph.D. students from the ICAR; Rs. 12,000 P.M. (JRF for 2 years) to Rs.14, 000 P.M. (SRF for 1 year) for Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (only for SC students) from the UGC. Haryana State Council of Science & Technology, Govt. of Haryana, also offers JRF (Rs.12, 000 P.M.) for Ph.D. students. 


Gold Medals and other awards are conferred annually at the time of Convocation of the University to the students who secure highest overall grade point average/marks and fulfill the general rules for the award of Gold Medals/Awards.

Medals/Awards for M.Sc. students

  •  Dr. (Mrs.) Saroj Kashyap Gold Medal:- For Best thesis work in any discipline of Home Science.

  •  Dr. S.R. Vyas Gold Medal:- For securing highest OGPA in Microbiology.

  • Dr. Ram Dhan Singh Gold Medal:- For securing highest OGPA in Plant Breeding.

  •  Dr. S.D. Nijhawan Gold Medal:- For securing highest OGPA in Soil Science.

Medals/Awards for Ph.D. students

  •  Dr. V.D. Kashyap Gold Medal: Awarded to the best research worker from amongst the Ph.D. students

  •  Silver Jubilee Gold Medal for Women:- For best thesis, which in the opinion of University would contribute to the upliftment of rural Haryana.  

  • Dr. R N Pal Gold Medal:- For best Ph.D. thesis.

Pass out Students
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