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Library Modernization

Research, Planning and Development Division was set up in September 1991 to grapple with the existing library problems, prepare library modernization plans, and implement the same. This division has successfully actuated the dreams the Library cherished. Eliminating the cumbersome manual library operations, Nehru library has exploited the power of information technologies to its advantage and applied them to various library activities for exhaustive and expeditious retrieval and dissemination of information. Setting afoot to computerization with one PC and one DMP in 1991, the Library is now equipped with 7 Servers, 108 PCs, 2 Scanners, 11 Barcode Readers, 33 Printers, 8 Thin Clients, 5 Portable Data Terminal (PDT), 31 Head Phones, 34 UPSs, 9 Softwares (UNIX, LINUX, LibSys, Koha, MS-Office 2003, MS-Office 2007, Adobe Acrobat 9, E-quest and Windows (7, Vista, and earlier versions)etc.. The Library had implemented LibSys for automation of its entire range of activities way back in 2000. The Library Servers are linked to the Campus Network for providing online library services all over the campus.
Following library activities have been automated :

  • Internet Surfing Laboratory with 25 PCs has been established.
  • CD-ROM databases are accessible over 5 PC nodes.
  • Maintaining KrishiPrabha database of e-theses submitted to All the SAUs/DAUs 2000 onwards and providing access to all the libraries under NARS.
  • More than 90,000 records of books and other documents uploaded on the WorldCat and accessible world over through AgriCat.
  • Library catalogue has been computerized and web-enabled.
  • New additions of documents can be viewed through PCs linked to Campus Network.
  • Periodicals' Holdings has been computerized, and can be viewed through PCs linked to Campus Network.
  • Entire library collection has been bar-coded.
  • All circulation functions including Library Membership has been automated.
  • Majority of the paper correspondence has been replaced with e-correspondence.
  • Digital Library comprising Census 2001, CeRA e-Journals, AgriCat, KrishiPrabha, Open Access Resources ,, Britannica Online Academic Edition, etc. has been established
  • Videoconferencing Facility for interaction among the scientists at national and international levels has been established in the Library in August 2007
  • Library security is strengthened with CCTV Security System.
  • Realization of these achievements without financial assistance from ICAR would have remained a dream unfulfilled.

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