Sirsa district is located in the western part of Haryana State. It is bounded by the state of Punjab on the north and east, state of Rajasthan on the south and east by the District Fatehabad. Economy of the District depends on Agriculture. The district is industrially backward. Administratively, the district is divided in seven blocks i.e. Sirsa, Dabwali, Ellenabad, Baragudha, Rania, Odhan, Nathusari Chopta covering 334 villages. The soil of the district is coarse sandy loam and sandy and a few pockets of clay loam. The PH ranges from 8.1 to 8.6. The underground water is generally not good. However, around Ghaggar River the water quality is good. The main irrigated in the district through Bhakra Canal System. The total irrigated area is 2,83,552 ha out of which 2,50,116 ha area is irrigated by canal and 33,409 ha area irrigated by the tube wells and the un-irrigated area is 1,19,947 ha.