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Dr. S.K.Sehrawat

Director of Research

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Building of Directorate of Research
Directorate of Research
CCS Hayana Agricultural University
Hisar - 125 004, India.

Phone No : 9416397658
Alternate No : 91-1662-255210,284340
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  Research Stations
  Organizational Set-Up
  Research Thrust Area
  • Development of high yielding crop varieties for emerging farming systems with low input, tolerant to biotic/abiotic stresses, value addition/industrial suitability.
  • Identification of markers for hybrid confirmation and genetic purity testing.
  • Improvement and conservation of important plant genetic resources, pollinators and biocontrol agents.
  • Generation of low cost production technology for field crops and mushrooms.
  • Precision farming/ protected cultivation of high value fruits, flowers and vegetable crops
  • Maintenance of soil health.
  • Development of technology for recycling the bio-waste (crop and animal).
  • Efficient water management for control of water table and perfecting drainage technology.
  • Remote Sensing and GIS applications in agriculture and environment.
  • Climatic change and its impact on agricultural production
  • Energy conservation through agro-forestry, improved biogas plants, harnessing solar and wind energy for agriculture.
  • Diversification in agriculture for gainful employment and proper utilization of natural resources.
  • Integrated pest and weed management in important cropping systems.
  • Bio-control of important diseases and pests.
  • Microbes in agriculture and identification of efficient microbial strains for different agroclimatic conditions.
  • Low cost farm machinery/equipment development, testing and popularization.
  • Optimum use of conventional and non-conventional food resources, child care and home resource management.
  • Development, refinement and transfer of technologies for entrepreneurship development and capacity building
  • Nutritional improvement of cereals & pulses, value-addition and quality of agriculture produce
  • Protective clothing and quality improvement of underutilized fibres from natural resources
  Budget at a glance (2017-18)



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State Plan Agri.





Gap Filling Ad-hoc Research Schemes (Plan Schemes)





AICRP Projects (75:25%)





Adhoc schemes including , NICRA, Emeritus Scientist and FLD (100% funded by ICAR)





Centrally sponsored scheme





Other Agency (DST, DBT, NHM, HSHDA, Ministry of Agril. Earth Sci. New  Delhi, UGC, New Delhi, ICRISAT, Patancheru, CISR Nagpur, Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BRNS) etc including Testing Fee Schemes





RKVY (Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana)





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  Research Schemes

  Outreach Research Stations
ORS Mandate
Regional Research Station, Bawal, Rewari Research on Hort., Veg., oilseeds, pulses, wheat, barley and mixed farming for dry zone of the state
Regional Research Station, Uchani, Karnal Research on sugarcane and maize based cropping systems and other crops related to irrigated zone of the state
Rice Research Station, Kaul, Kaithal Research on rice and rice-based cropping system
Cotton Research Station, Sirsa Research on cotton and cotton-based cropping system
Regional Research Station, Rohtak Research on management of saline and water-logged soils
  Research and Farm Area
Name/ Location Total Area (ha)
At Hisar
Directorate of Farms 627.70
Experimental research area 386.60
RDS Seed Farm 1608.00
At Regional/Outreach Research Stations
RRS, Bawal , Rewari 98.00
RRS, Uchani, Karnal 50.88 (36.88)
RRS, Kaul, Kaithal 33.60
RRS, Rohtak 3.20
CRS, Sirsa 79.00
Total 264.68
Grand Total 2886.98
  Total Varieties and Hybrids Released
  Awards And Recognition
Name of Award/Year/Conferred to Conferred by
Best AICRP Centre Award /2016/ Potential crops of Rabi ICAR
Best AICRP Centre Award /2016/ Rapeseed & Mustard ICAR
Best Center Award for Outstanding Contribution (1965-2014) /2015/ Bajra Section ICAR
Krishi Shiksha Samman /2015/ CCSHAU, Hisar Mahindra and Mahindra
Outstanding Partnership Award /2014/ CCSHAU, Hisar ICRISAT
Award of Excellence /2013/Agricultural Meteorology IMD, GOI
Best Centre on weed control research (2007-12) /2013/ Agronomy IMD, GOI
Award of Excellence /2013/Agricultural Meteorology ICAR
Best Centre Award (2007-12)/2014/ Bajra Section ICAR
Best Sub-Centre on Rapeseed & Mustard Research /2013/ RRS Bawal ICAR
Dhiru Morarji Memorial Award for INM in rice-wheat cropping system /2012-13 /RRS Kaul FAI
Best AICRP Centre Award /2012/ Plant Pathology DRR/ICAR
Best AICRP Maize Centre Award(2006-12)/ 2012 /RRS, Karnal ICAR
Best Information Dissemination Award (2010-11)/ Agri. Met. CRIDA, ICAR
Certificate of Recognition 2009/RRS Kaul ICAR, DARE
Best AICRP Centre Award /2009) /Cotton Section ICAR
Best AICRP /Potato) Centre Award /2009) /Vegetable Science ICAR
Best Mungbean Research Centre /2008 /Pulses Section ICAR
Best Team Research Award (1997-98) /2000 /Cotton Section ICAR
Best Team Research Award /2000 / Bajra Section ICAR
Best Team Research Award / 1997/ Wheat and Barley Section ICAR
Best Agricultural Institution Award /1996 / CCSHAU,Hisar ICAR
  Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Centre of Excellence for Organic Farming

# Image Name Designation Specialization Details
1 Dr. S.S.Sindhu Additional Director of Research Microbiology Details
2 Dr. Dharam Bir Yadav Project Director Agronomy Details
3 Dr. Beena Yadav Associate Director (BS/HS) Ext.Edu. Home Science Details
4 Dr. Rachna Gulati Associate Director (PP) and Head Zoology Zoology Details
5 Dr Dev Vart Yadav Assistant Director (Agri) Pearl Millet Breeding & Biotechnology Details
   Non-Teaching Staff

# Image Name Designation Qualification Phone Email
1 Sh. Shobhit Kapoor Deputy Registrar MBA 9253928660
2 Smt. Pushpa Rani Supdt. - 8901243017 -
3 Sh. Mahesh Pahwa PA MA (English) 9812677405
4 Sh. Rajesh Kumar Assistant - 9416671456 -
5 Sh. Manoj Kumar Assistant - 9992371755 -
6 Miss Seema Rani Assistant M.Com. 9467689560
7 Smt. Meenu Assistant - 9416460857
8 Smt. Usha Sharma SSS - 9468322200 -
9 Smt. Gulshan Vasudeva SSS - 9050085227 -
10 Sh. Rakesh Tandon SSS - 7404185206 -
11 Sh. Ved Parkash SSS - 9812573243 -
12 Sh. Krishan Kumar Yadav Lab. Assistant - 9466368739 -
13 Sh. Satyawan Clerk - 9896996354 -
14 Sh. Mohan Clerk - 9466051661 -
15 Sh. Jagdish Chander Jeep Driver - 9812286636 -
16 Sh. Param Dev Beldar - 8053572775 -
17 Sh. Luxmi Messenger - 9466331580 -
18 Sh. Om Parkash Beldar - 8607081075 -
19 Sh. Narender Raj Messenger - 9466060242 -
20 Amit Kumar Assistant MBA 9812680309
21 Vikrant Kumar Assistant B.A. 9992927534