Agricultural Technology Information Centre

Dr. Avtar Singh

Manager ATIC

Mailing Address

The Manager, 
Agricultural Technology Information Centre,
Gate No. 4, CCSHAU, Hisar. 

Phone No : 01662-255405
Alternate No : 284321
Email Id :

Knowledge & information are the most essential inputs of the era & must be effectively communicated to the farmers to respond successfully to the opportunities & challenges of social economic & technological changes for the improvement of agricultural productivity, food security & rural livelihoods. ATIC came into existence at CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar in February 2002.

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  • To provide a single window delivery system for the products and species available from an institution to the farmers and other interested groups as a process of innovativeness in Technology Dissemination at the institute level.

  • To facilitate direct access to the farmers to the institutional resources available in terms of technology, advice, technology products etc., for reducing technology dissemination losses.

  • To provide feedback from the users to the institute

Sale of seeds, non-seed items, planting materials, university publications and all other products of the university are sold to the farmers and other interested persons through a Single Window delivery system.  Farm Advisory Services are provided to the farmers and other growers through:

a) Personal contacts to the visiting farmers
b) Toll Free telephone helpline
c) Publication materials and
d) Lecturers delivered during various trainings and visiting groups at the centre.

  Seeds & other products
Sr.No. Title Price
1. Package of Practice (Rabi & Horticulture)                
Package of Home Science
2. Madhu Makhiyon Ke Strot and Pragan 90
3. Mrida Vigyan Prashnotari 45
4. Haryana Kheti (Yearly)       150
5 Haryana Kheti (Life time member) 1500
6 Bhains Palan 60
7 Suar Parjanan Avam Parbandh 50
8 Lakh Ke Keere 40
9 Barani Ka Phal Ber 7
10 Suar Palan 20
11 Padap Rog Takneek 50
12 Rabbit Farming 55
13 Pashu Parjanan Ke Sidant 50
14. Fruit and Vegetable Preservation 50

# Image Name Designation Specialization Details
1 Dr. Avtar Singh PES Vegetable Science Details
2 Dr. Rakesh Kumar DES (Pl. Pathology) Plant Pathology Details