Soil & Water Engineering

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Head of the Department
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  Post graduate courses
  List of manual prepared by the department
  Infrastructure facilities
  Thrust area
  List of thesis & synopsis of M.Tech.students
  Academic Programs
M.Tech. in Soil & Water Engineering
  Ongoing Research Projects
Evaluation of farm irrigation and drainage practices.
  Major contributions
  • Sub-surface drainage technology (horizontal tile drainage/skimming well) for reclamation of waterlogged and saline lands. 
  • Master Plan for the management of waterlogged and saline lands in Haryana. 
  • Sprinkler irrigation technology for light textured soils and undulating technology. 
  • Drip Irrigation technology for widely spaced horticultural and vegetable crops. 
  • Design specifications for surface methods of irrigation viz., Border, Basin and Furrow. 
  • Guidelines for energy conservation in pumping of irrigation water. 
  • Rainwater management for dryland areas
  Identified areas for consultancy Services
  • Water resources planning for farms
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Design of underground pipeline system
  • Design & evaluation of drip & sprinkler irrigation system
  • Selection of pumps
  • Energy conservation measures for water irrigation pumping

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