Seed Science & Technology

Dr. R.C. Punia

Head of the Department

Mailing Address

Department of Seed Science & Technology
CCS Haryana Agricultural University,
Hisar- 125 004 (India)

Phone No : 09812866222
Alternate No : 01662-285396
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  • Seed Technology Research
  • Teaching (UG & PG Course)
  • Breeder Seed Production The Seed Science & Technology is producing more than 2000 quintals breeder seed of different field crops/varieties as per GOI indents for public and private seed sectors.
  Course offered
PG Course Sem-I
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
SST-501* Floral biology, seed development and maturation 1+1
SST-502* Principles of seed production 2+0
SST-503* Seed production of field crops 2+1
SST-505 Seed production in flower, medicinal fruits and plantation crops 2+1
SST-509/PP-511 Seed Physiology 1+1
SST-510/Pl. Path-510 Seed Pathology 2+1
SST-515 Emerging trends in seed quality enhancement 1+1
SST-603** Testing for genuineness and purity of cultivars 1+1
SST-604** DUS testing for plant variety protection 2+1
SST-591, SST-691 and SST-692 Masters and Doctoral Seminars 1+0 (each)

*Compulsory for M.Sc. programme

**Compulsory for Ph.D. programme

COA Hisar & COA Kaul UG Course Sem-I
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
ST-401 Seed production and certification 1+2
ST-402 Seed testing and quality control 1+2
ST-403 Seed processing, storage and marketing 1+2
PG Course Sem-II
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
SST-504/VSC-505 Seed Production in Vegetables 2+1
SST-506 Seed Legislation & Certification 2+1
SST-507/ PFE-514 Seed drying, processing & storage 2+1
SST-508 Seed Quality Testing 2+1
SST-511 Seed Entomology 2+1
SST-512 Seed Production in Pasture, Forage & Green Manure Crops 2+1
SST-513 Seed Storage and Deterioration 1+1
SST-514/ Ag. Econ-510 Seed Marketing & Management 2+1
SST-516/GP-517 Database Management, Evaluation and Utilization of PGR 2+1
SST-601 Hybrid Seed Production 1+1
SST-602/GP-610 In situ and ex-situ Conservation of Germplasm 2+1
SST-605 Advances in Seed Science Research 1+0
SST-591/ SST-691/ SST-692 Seminar 0+1
COA Hisar & COA Kaul UG Course Sem-II
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
SST-302 Principles of Seed Technology 2+1

# Image Name Designation Specialization Details
1 Dr. R.C. Punia Principal Scientist Seed Science & Technology Details
2 Dr. Onkar Singh Dahiya Principal Scientist - Details
3 V.P.S. Sangwan Principal Scientist Seed Technology Details
4 Satbir Singh Jakhar Assistant Seed Research Officer (Seed Pathology) Stage-II Fungal pathology/Seed Pathology Details
5 Dr. VS Mor Assistant Scientist (Stage-III) Seed Science & Technology Details
6 Dr. Axay Bhuker Assistant Scientist Seed Science & Technology Details