Dr. Yogesh Kumar

Head of the Department

Mailing Address

Department of Entomology
CCS Haryana Agricultural University,
Hisar- 125 004 (India)

Phone No : 9416674347
Email Id : yschdeva@gmail.com

Last Updated :- 21-07-2017 10:07:19
C(b) Ento 3 ICAR
  • To conduct research on honey bees, bees and other pollinators; generate technologies for their conservation, augmentation and utilization for pollination of crops in improving crop productivity
  • To undertake research on honey bee breeding for disease resistance and high yielding strains for higher production of quality hive products
  • To conduct location specific research on management of honey bees, bees and their diseases and enemies
  • To prepare database on relative abundance, foraging behaviour of different pollinators on various crops and study the pollination requirements of crops
  • To organize and impart trainers training on bee pollinators and scientific beekeeping
C(g) Ento 41-OA

Collection of Honey bees i.e. Apis dorsata, A. florea, A. cerana and Tetragonula (=Trigona) spp. from Semiarid region of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Desert region of Rajasthan for morphometry and molecular studies

C(b) Ento-6 ICAR
  • To conduct trainings for scientists and academic staff of SAUs and ICAR Institutes for upgrading their skills in frontier areas of Entomology
  • To provide assistance in research conducted by PG students.

C(b) Ento-7 ICAR

Title of the Project                         : All India Network Project (AINP) on Pesticide Residues
Name of the Scientist working        : 1. Dr. Beena Kumari, Principal Investigator
                                                   : 2. Dr. Sushil, Co-P.I. 
Funding agency                             : ICAR


  • To organize, promote and coordinate research on pesticide residues in agricultural produce and other components of nvironment at all India level. 
  • To study the dissipation of pesticides in crops from supervised trials with recommended pesticides and workout safe time limits between pesticides   application and consumption of the produce. 
  • To devise and improve sampling extraction and analytical technology to facilitate quality assurance for ensuring reliability of residue data. 
  • To examine the effect of processing of food commodities for removal/reduction of pesticide residues 
  • To maintain up to-date information on pesticide residues and to provide guidelines to research and extension workers in the country. 
  Major contribution
  • Integrated Pest Management of major insect pests, especially in Cotton, Rice, Oilseeds and Vegetables developed.
  • Identified insect fauna of Haryana State.
  • Emphasis on use of bio-control agents, biorational pesticides and cultural practices
  • Correlations of pest populations with weather variables for pest forecasting worked out
  • Technology for management of honeybee ( Apis mellifera) colonies developed
  • Pollination requirements of different crops grown in the state have been worked out
  • Successful biological control of Pyrilla perpusilla in sugarcane and solenopsis mealybug in cotton
  • Multi-residue technique for analysis of pesticides residues in soil, water, milk, vegetables, fruits, honey, etc.
  • Advanced Training to 516 scientists of SAUs and ICAR Institutes provided through 30 training courses organized under CAFT.
  Ongoing projects
  • Management of harmful & beneficial insects for sustainable agriculture in Haryana
  • ICAR fundedCentre for Advanced Faculty Training (CAFT) to train the scientists of SAUs and ICAR Institutes
  • All India Coordinated Research Project on Honey bees &Pollinators.
  • All India Network Project on Pesticide Residues
  • Morphometry and Phylogeography of Honey Bees and Stingless Bees in India Phase-II
  Faculty working outside the headquarter
  • Dr. O.P.Chaudhary (PH.D.), Professor, RRS, Kaul
  • Dr. P. Bhatnagar (Ph.D.), Sr.Extn.Specialist, KVK, Kurushetra
  • Dr. Jai Lal Yadav (Ph.D.), Sr.Extn. Specilist, KVK Mahendergarh
  • Dr. Dilbagh Singh Gehlawat (Ph.D.), PES, KVK, (Ambala)
  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar (Ph.D.), DES, KVK Rohtak
  • Sh. Narender Kumar (M.Sc.), DES KVK, Sadalpur
  • Dr. Satpal Yadav (Ph.D.) Asstt. Scientist, RRS, Bawal
  • Dr. Dilbagh Singh Ahlawat (Ph.D.) Asstt. Scientist, RRS, Rohtak
  • Dr. Balbir Singh (Ph.D.), DES, KVK, Bawal
  • Dr. Maha Singh Jaglan (Ph.D.), Asstt. Prof., RRS, Uchani (Karnal)
  • Dr. Ram Karan (Ph.D.), Asstt. Scientist, RRS, Bawal
  • Dr. Dalip Kumar, Asstt. Scientist, KVK, Sirsa
  Faculty working outside the department
  • Dr. K.K. Dahiya (Ph.D.)Principal Scientist
  • Dr.(Smt.) Sunita Yadav(Ph.D.), Asstt. Scientist(Oilseed Section)
  • Dr. Tarun Verma (Ph.D.), Distt. Extn. Specialist, ATIC
  • Sh. Bhupinder Singh (M.Sc.), Assistant Professor, ADT
  Compendium for Training Course on Advances in Diagnosis of Arthropod Pests Damage and Assessment of Losses
  List of trainings conducted by the department under CAFT (update the list which is attached herewith)
  List of Ph.D. & M.Sc. Students

# Image Name Designation Specialization Details
1 Dr. Yogesh Kumar Professor & Head Apiculture&Economic Entomology Details
2 Dr. R.S. Jaglan Professor Toxicology / Economic Entomology Details
3 Dr. K.K. Dahiya Principal Scientist Cotton Entomology Details
4 Dr. O.P. Chaudhary Professor Sugarcane Entomology Details
5 Dr. Jai Lal Yadav SES Toxicology Details
6 Dr. Praduman Bhatnagar PES Economic Entomology Details
7 Dr. Dilbag Singh PES Biological Control Details
8 Dr. Dilbag Singh Ahlawat DES Extension Details
9 Dr. Balbir Singh DES Extension (Toxicology) Details
10 Dr. Maha Singh Jaglan Asstt. Scientist Economic Entomology Details
11 Dr. Rajesh Kumar DES Economic Entomology Details
12 Dr. Satyapal Yadav Asstt. Scientist (Entomology) Economic Entomology Details
13 Dr. Tarun Verma D.E.S. Economic Entomology Details
14 Sh. Narendra Kumar DES Economic Entomology Details
15 Dr. Sunita Yadav Junior Entomologist Apiculture and Economic Entomology Details
16 Dr. Krishna Rolania Assistant Scientist Economic Entomology Details
17 Dr. S.S. Yadav Asistant Professor Economic Entomology Details
18 Dr. Ram Karan Asstt. Scientist Economic Entomology Details
19 Dr. Sushil -Assistant Scientist/Residue Chemist -Analytical Chemistry Details
20 Dr. Deepika Kalkal Assistant Scientist Economic Entomology and Biological Control Details
21 Dr. Dalip Kumar Asstt. Scientist Economic Entomology Details
22 Harish Kumar Assistant Scientist Apiculture Details
23 Swati Mehra Assistant Maize Entomologist Economic Entomology Details
24 Meenu Assistant Scientist Rice Entomology Details
25 Dr. Anil Assistant Entomologist Bio-control of insect-pests Details
26 Dr. B.L.Sharma District Extension Specialist Economic Entomology Details
   Non-Teaching Staff

# Image Name Designation Qualification Phone Email
1 Sh. Ram Partap Assistant - 01662255289 -
2 Smt. Meena Kumari Senior Scale Stenographer 10+2 9467889103 -
3 Sh. Mohinder Khurana Sr. Lab. Asstt Intermediate 9215037771 mohinderkhurana6@gmail.com
4 Sh. Jokhu Lal Lab. Attendant Intermediate 9996204637 -
5 Sh. Ram Mehar Lab. Attendant B.Sc. 9416425865 -
6 Sh. Surender Singh Sweeper Matric 9729750113 -
7 Sh. Ved Parkash Jeep/Car Driver Middle 9416060713 vedparkashparta@gmail.com
8 Sh. Surender Kumar Sr.Lab.Asstt. Matric 9467091888 -
9 Sh. Vidya Sagar Lab. Attendant Matric 9467547011 -
10 Sh. Subhash Kumar Lab. Attendant M.Com 9255771145 subhashkumar1145.sk@gmail.com
11 Sh. Rajesh Lab. Attendant B.Tech. 9253137829 rajeschauhan@gmail.com
12 Sh. Ramesh Kumar Lab. Attendant Matric 9466248898 -
13 Sh. Ram Bilas Beldar Illiterate 8950471182 -
14 Sh. Amar Singh Beldar Illiterate 9253297061 -
15 Sh. Ram Partap Assistant - 01662255289 -