Dr. R.S. Jaglan

Head of the Department


Phone No
Phone No : 9416016241
Email Id : rsjaglan@hau.ernet.in

  • Integrated Pest Management of major insect pests, especially in Cotton, Rice, Oilseeds and Vegetables developed.
  • Identified insect fauna of Haryana State.
  • Emphasis on use of bio-control agents, biorational pesticides and cultural practices
  • Correlations of pest populations with weather variables for pest forecasting worked out
  • Technology for management of honeybee ( Apis mellifera) colonies developed
  • Pollination requirements of different crops grown in the state have been worked out
  • Successful biological control of Pyrilla perpusilla in sugarcane and solenopsis mealybug in cotton
  • Multi-residue technique for analysis of pesticides residues in soil, water, milk, vegetables, fruits, honey, etc.
  • Advanced Training to 516 scientists of SAUs and ICAR Institutes provided through 30 training courses organized under CAFT.
    C(b) Ento 3 ICAR
  • To conduct research on honey bees, bees and other pollinators; generate technologies for their conservation, augmentation and utilization for pollination of crops in improving crop productivity
  • To undertake research on honey bee breeding for disease resistance and high yielding strains for higher production of quality hive products
  • To conduct location specific research on management of honey bees, bees and their diseases and enemies
  • To prepare database on relative abundance, foraging behaviour of different pollinators on various crops and study the pollination requirements of crops
  • To organize and impart trainers training on bee pollinators and scientific beekeeping
C(g) Ento 41-OA

Collection of Honey bees i.e. Apis dorsata, A. florea, A. cerana and Tetragonula (=Trigona) spp. from Semiarid region of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Desert region of Rajasthan for morphometry and molecular studies

C(b) Ento-6 ICAR
  • To conduct trainings for scientists and academic staff of SAUs and ICAR Institutes for upgrading their skills in frontier areas of Entomology
  • To provide assistance in research conducted by PG students.