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Dr. P. S. Shehrawat

Head of the Department


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Department Of Extension Education,
CCS Haryana Agricultural University,
Hisar- 125 004, (India)
Phone No : 9416107003
Alternate No : +91-1662-285251
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The Department of Extension Education came into existence in July 1963 in the College of Veterinary Sciences. The Department was established under the Extension Wing Scheme of the Government of India to carry out teaching and research activities in Extension Education besides undertaking field extension work in the adopted villages around Hisar. After the establishment of College of Agriculture in 1964, the Government of India sanctioned another scheme whereby the teaching research and field activities were also strengthened in agricultural extension including the commencement of M.Sc. and Ph.D. programme and the creation of the Directorate of Extension Education in the year 1970.At present, there are 15 faculty members of Department in total working at different locations including out stations. Presently, the Department of Extension Education besides undertaking research and extension activities is also looking after the teaching requirements of three colleges viz. College of Agriculture at Hisar, College of Agriculture at Kaul, and College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology.
  • Manual on Behavioral Skills.
  • Manual on Emerging Trends in Agricultural Extension.
  • Manual on Agricultural Journalism.
  • Manual on A.V. Aids and Equipments.
  • Manual on Group Dynamics and Discussion Method.
  • Manual on Communication.
  • Manual on entrepreneurship development.
  • Manual on Extension management.
  • Developing linkage between research and extension.
  • Synergy between different technologies and policies.
  • Development of communication means for effective TOT.
  • Use of information technology/ Cyber extension for advisory services.
  • Imparting Training to extension functionaries/ Innovative farmers.
  • Feedback to scientist of field problems for further remidies.
  • Audio-Visual instructional material developing for extension functionaries.
  • Imparting Technical support to Extension personnel at KVKs.
  • Organizing village level training programs for field functionaries and farmers.
  • Developing need-based and demand-driven agriculture information.
  • Designing, developing and testing of multimedia products and strategies.
  • Disseminating knowledge of appropriate technology and develop skills and abilities among extension functionaries
  • Educating farmers to solve problems, make decisions, and embrace change.
The Department of extension education imparts undergraduate and postgraduate teaching to the students under the semester system. The students are provided in-depth learning both on theory and practical aspects of the subject. The undergraduate students are also given the exposure of the field extension work while staying in the villages under Rural Agriculture Work Experience programme. PG students are guided for their course and research work by the Advisory Committee, consisting of the members of the faculty from Major, Minor and Supporting subjects besides one Dean PGS' nominee. The thrust areas of the Extension Education discipline are taken into account while selecting research problems of the PG students.
  • Emphasis on lecture delivering through power point presentation using smart room
  • Using Audio visual aids poster/charts/flash cards in teaching
  • Preparation of practical manuals as per revised curriculum
  • Encouragement of faculties for delivering seminar at least once in Semester
  • Encouragement of faculties for participation in national/ international seminar/conference
  • Motivation of faculties for preparation of research projects Capacity building program for young faculties
The Department is making a significant contribution by way of providing Advisory services by its extension staff posted at outstation farmers and the field extension officers of the Department of Agriculture, Government of Haryana through various extension programmes and activities carried out in the Directorate of Extension Education. They also provide agricultural information input in transfer of latest technology from time to time in, which their contribution towards research and extension work.
Post Graduate Programme MSc = 3 Seats   &  PhD = 2 Seats
Field of Specialization Transfer of Technology
Rural Development
Aoption and diffusion of Innovations
Agriculture Administration
Organizational Behaviour
Trainings and Human
Diversification into Agriculture
Transfer of Technology
Communication    management techniques
Information Technology
Entrepreneurship development
Agro-processing and value addition
Training & Human Resources development
Research-Extension-Farmer-  Market Linkages
Required Courses
M.Sc. Ext. 501, Ext. 502, Ext. 503, Ext. 504, Ext. 505
Ph.D Ext. 601,  Ext. 602,  Ext. 603
he Department has a well-equipped Audio Visual Laboratory fully air conditioned equipped with computer based equipments for production of instructional aids and the Departmental Library for use of the PG students. The A.V. Lab. provided with modern equipments including Multi-media also caters to the needs of other Departments of the College from time to time. The PG students of the Department frequently use the Departmental Library having lot of literature pertaining to extension education. In addition, computer facilities are also available in the Department connected with the Internet

The Department has conducted valuable researches in different areas of extension education discipline, which have been instrumental in accelerating the process of transfer of agricultural technology to end users.

Research Project Year of Start Staff Position Funding Agency
Constraints in adoption of diversification in agriculture 2811C (a) EE-2  Plan (Agri) 1979 (Title modified during year 2003-04). Dr. P.S.Shehrawat Haryana Govt
Technology is ever changing and innovation is always required to end users. Therefore extension research is important.
  • Assess the knowledge level of farmers in adoption of new innovation.
  • Adoption level of recommended technologies of different crops,
  • Assess technological gap in adoption of recommended package of practice.
  • Identify the training needs of farmers and extension functionaries.
  • Assess effectiveness of different the method of transfer of technologies.
  • Impart communication skill to extension personnel for efficient transfer of technology.
  • Attitude of farmers towards different technologies.
  • Assessment of training needs of farmers and extension professionals.
  • Identify the constraints perceived in adoption of different production technologies.
  • Impact assessment of technologies
  • Assessment of productivity of different enterprises
    Diversification in to agriculture for sustainable Agricultural development
  • Agro- processing and Value addition and Soil health management
  • Communication media for transfer of technology
  • Use of ICT/Cyber extension in agriculture for effective TOT
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Farmers centered research
  • Marketing intelligence among farmers
  • Impact of environment on agriculture
  • Fostering effective lifelong use of personal/natural resources
  • Impact analysis of different technologies on farmers' field
  • Adoption/ technological gap and training need assessment
  • Research emphasis on Environment- Human Health - Agriculture/Healthy
  • agriculture for healthy people and healthy environment
  • Resource conservation technologies FDI- Impact analysis
  • Agriculture Tourism
  • Agro Forestry Extension
  • Diffusion and Adoption
  • Extension Methods & techniques
  • Indigenous Practices
  • Rural Organization and Institutions
  • Human Resource Development
Another important training as Rural Agriculture Work Experience known as RAWE is offered to the final year B.Sc. (Hons.) Agri. Students. This programme has strengthened the students' practical training in association with agro-based industries which has enabled the students to explore suitable job avenues in the country which is the need of the hour in view of shrinking employment opportunities in Govt. sector.
  • Imparting teaching in Extension Education to UG and PG students.
  • Organizing seminars, conferences and workshops on important issues/ themes.
  • Carrying out extension activities in the field using extension education methodologies and approaches
  • Acquaint the students with practical knowledge for conducting trainings and various kinds of demonstrations at farmers field.
  • Undertaking strategic and action research location specific and commodity specific.
  • Providing advisory services through the extension staff working in Directorate Extension Education and KVKs
  • Training for competence in leadership at all levels of operation with appropriate communication and demonstration skills.

# Image Name Designation Specialization Details
1 Krishan Assistant Director (Mass Comm.) Mass Communcation Details
2 Dr. A.K. Godara Professor Extension Education Details
3 Dr Joginder Singh Malik Professor Communication & Management, Transfer of Technology Details
4 Dr S. K. Mehta Professor Extension Education Details
5 Dr. P.S. Shehrawat Professor & Head Sustainable Agril devellopment Details
6 Bharat Singh Ghanghas Assistant Scientist Communication for transfer of technology Details