Dr. Anil Kumar Godara

Head of the Department

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Department of Horticulture
Collge of Agriculture
CCS HAU, Hisar-125004

Phone No : 9416042333
Alternate No : 01662-255212
Email Id : hauhorticulture@gmail.com,hod_hort@hau.ernet.in


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Course No. Course title Cr. Hrs
Undergraduate Courses
Hort. 101/Veg. 101 (Old) Fruit and Vegetable Production (For Home Sci. students) 2+1
Hort. 201 (Old) Floriculture and Landscape Gardening 1+1
Hort. 202 (Old) Introductory Horticulture 1+1
Hort. 203 (Old) Fundamentals of Horticulture 2+1
Hort. 204(Old) Fruit Production including plantation crops  
Hort. / Veg. 301(Old) Post harvest Management of fruits & vegetables 2+1
Hort. 302 (Old) Ornamental Horticulture 2+1
Hort. 401 (Old) Commercial Fruit Production 3+1
Hort. /Veg. 402 (Old) Fruit Nursery Management and Vegetable Seed Production 2+1
Hort. /Veg. 403 (Old) Commercial Fruit Processing 1+1
Hort. 404 (Old) Commercial Flower Production 2+1
Hort. 201 Production Technology of Fruit Crops 2+1
Hort. 202 Production technology of spices, medicinal, aromatic and plantation crops 1+1
Hort. 301 Post harvest management of fruits and vegetables 1+1
Hort. 302 Ornamental Horticulture 1+1
Hort. 401 Commercial Floriculture 1+2
Hort. 402 Commercial Fruit Production 1+2
Hort. 403 Nursery management of horticultural crops 1+2
Hort. 404 Processing and value additional in horticultural crops 2+1
Hort. 405 Protected cultivation of horticultural crops 2+1
Hort. 406 Seed production of vegetable and flower crops 1+1
Postgraduate Courses
FSC 501 Tropical and Dry land Fruit Production 2+1
FSC 502 Subtropical and temperate fruit production 2+1
FSC 503 Biodiversity and conservation of fruit crops 2+1
FSC 504 Canopy management in fruit crops 2+1
FSC 505 Propagation & nursery management for fruit crops 2+1
FSC 506 Breeding of Fruit Crops 2+1
FSC 507 Post harvest technology for fruit crops 2+1
FSC 508 Growth and Development of Horticultural Crops 2+1
FSC 509 / MBB515 Biotechnology of horticultural crops 2+1
FSC 510 Organic horticulture 1+1
FSC 511 Protected fruit culture 2+1
FSC 512 GAP for horticultural crops 1+0
FSC 513 / AGM 507 Weather modifications and risk management strategies 2+0
FSC 591 Master’s Seminar 1
FSC 601 Advances in breeding of fruit crops 2+1
FSC 602 Advances in Production of Fruit Crops 2+1
FSC 603 Advances in growth regulation of fruit crops 2+1
FSC 604 / BIF 501 / MBB 555 Information to bioinformatics 2+1
FSC 605 Biotic and abiotic stress management in horticultural crops  
FLA 501 Breeding of flower crops and ornamental plants 2+1
FLA 502 Production Technology of Cut Flowers 2+1
FLA 503 Production technology for loose flowers 2+1
FLA 504 Landscaping and Ornamental Gardening 2+1
FLA 505 Protected Floriculture 2+1
FLA 506 Value addition in flowers 2+1
FLA 507 Turfing and turf management 2+1
FLA 508 CAD for outdoor and indoor landscaping 2+1
FLA 591/ FSC 591 Master’s Seminar 0+1
FLA 601 Advances in breeding of flower crops 2+1
FLA 602 Advances in Flower Production Technology 2+1
FLA 604 Advances in landscape architecture 1+2
FLA 691/ FSC 691 Doctoral Seminar-I 0+1
FLA 692/ FSC 692 Doctoral Seminar-II 0+1
Mgt. 533 Fruit Production and Post harvest management 3+0

Post graduate programme leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Horticulture (Fruit Science, Floriculture and Landscape Architecture

  Major contributions
  • Recommendations were given for fruit crops suitable for different regions.
  • Packages of Practices viz. propagation, quality, soil, fertilizer, improvement plant protection were evolved.
  • Standardization of production technology in protected cultivation.
  • Nursery work for production of quality planting material of fruit and flower crops  
   List of Teachers
  Ongoing research projects
  • Improvement, production and post harvest technology in horticultural crops
  • Standardization of fruit production technology in North Eastern Haryana
  • All India Coordinated Research Project on arid zone fruits at Bawal
  • Precision Farming Development Centre (PFDC) at Hisar from Govt. of India
  • Strengthening of post harvest management techniques of horticultural produce for better farm advisory services under RKVY at Hisar.
  List of M.Sc. & Ph.D. students
  Teaching at Kaul

Devi Singh, Ph.D. Profesor
Devender Chahal, Ph.D. Assoc.Professor

  KVK /RDS Seed Farm

V.P.Singh, Ph.D. – Jhajjar
G.S.Rana, Ph.D.  - Fatehabad
R.D.Panwar, Ph.D.  - Jind
R.B.Gupta, Ph.D.  - Faridabad
L.S.Beniwal, Ph.D.  - Sirsa
R.S.Saini, Ph.D. -  Mandkola
Surender Singh – ATIC, CCS HAU
Rajesh Lathar, Ph.D. – Rohtak
Murari Lal, Ph.D. – Sadalpur

RDS Seed Farm 
Arvind Malik, Ph.D., Asstt. Professor

  Regional research station

Suleman Mohamad, Ph.D, Sr. Scientist (Hort.)    Buria
Ram Karan, Ph.D., Asstt. Scientist (Ento.) - Bawal
Rajesh Kathwal, Ph.D., Asstt. Scientist (Agro.) - Buria
Mukesh Kumar, Ph.D., Asstt. Scientist  - Bawal  
Shushil Sharma, Ph.D., Asstt. Fruit Breeder   - Bawal  


# Image Name Designation Specialization Details
1 Anil Kumar Godara Principal Scientist & Head Fruit Science Details
2 Suneel Sharma Principal Scientist Fruit Science Details
3 Rajender Kumar Godara Principal Scientist Fruit Science, PHT Details
4 Dr Devender Singh Dahiya Professor Floriculture and Landscaping Details
5 Dr S.K.Sehrawat Professor Floriculture and Landscaping Details
6 Jeet Ram Sharma Principal Scientist Fruit Science Details
7 Ramesh Kumar Goyal Professor Fruit Science Details
8 Dr. BIJENDER S.BENIWAL Professor Floriculture Details
9 Dr. Raj Pal Singh Dalal Assistant Horticulturist (Sr. Scale) Fruit Science Details
10 SATPAL BALODA Assistant Horticulturist Fruit Science Details
11 Dr. Suleman Mohd Principal Scientist Horticulture Details
12 Dr. Rajesh Kathwal Assistant Scientist Agronomy Details
   Non-Teaching Staff

# Image Name Designation Qualification Phone Email
1 Ms.Varsha Gandhi Sr. Scale Stenographer B.A. 9254023123 -
2 Mr.Dharam Pal Assistant Matric 9468392040 -
3 Mr.Pritam Singh Clerk M.A., B. Ed. 8901069248 -
4 Mr.Ashwani Kumar Senior Lab Assistant Matric 9813503773 -
5 Mr.Amit Saini Lab Assistant M. Tech 9416168590 -