Plant Pathology

Dr Anil Kumar

Head of the Department


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Deptt.of Plant Pathology, COA
CCS Haryana Agril.University,
Hisar-125 004, India.

Phone No : 01662-289203


C(a) PP-2 Plan (Ag.) 

Studies on economically important plant diseases and mushroom production technology


i) Identification and characterization of fungal, bacterial and viral diseases.
ii) Epidemiology and assessment of losses
iii) Management of crop diseases through cultural, chemical, biological and host resistance
iv) Development and popularization of mushroom production technology

C(a)PP-1 Plan (Ag.)

Promotion of mushroom cultivation as an entrepreneurial activity in Haryana.

i) To prepare commercial mushroom spawn and pasteurized compost for mushroom growers.

ii)  To collect and culture the naturally occurring Ganoderma spp. to conserve the natural bio-resource of this mushroom.

iii)  To standardize the cultivation technology of Ganoderma lucidum

ICAR Scheme: C (b) PP-17 ICAR                                                   

All India Coordinated Research Project on Mushroom  

i) Survey, collection and identification of fleshy fungi in the area of respective coordinating centre for exploitation and cultivation of new species/strains suited to different regions.
ii) Regional adaptability trials for growing the promising strains/ species of different edible fungi
iii) Selection of cheap and locally available agro/industrial wastes for composting, supplementation of substrate and casing.
iv) Standardization of cultivation techniques for optimization of yield of different mushrooms.
v) Survey and surveillance of diseases and pests of mushrooms during different seasons in various regions.
vi) Transfer of proven technology to mushroom growers and to impart training on mushroom cultivation. Salient Achievements of the research work
i) Regression equations have been developed for the prediction of some of the economically important plant diseases.
ii)Yield loss prediction equations have been developed for few diseases.
iii)Detection and diagnosis of economically important fungal, bacterial and viral diseases in Haryana.
iv)Resistant sources identified for major diseases.
v)Studies conducted on ecofriendly management of plant diseases using plant extract and the bioagents.
vi)Developed low cost technology to grow mushroom using various agricultural wastes and eco-friendly methods of compost sterilization.
vii)Training is being imparted to mushroom growers regularly.
viii)Commercial spawn and pasteurized compost have been made available to the mushroom growers.
ix)The technology for seasonal cultivation of edible mushroom viz., button, oyster and milky mushroom has been standardized

S.No Course No. Title C.H.
1. Pl.Path. 201 Introductory Plant Pathology 2+1
2. Pl.Path.203 Plant Protection 1+1
3. Pl.Path.305 Plant Clinic-1 (Kharif crops) 0+1
4. Pl.Path. 401 Mushroom Cultivation Technology 0+1
5. Pl.Path.402 Applied Plant Pathology 2+1
6. Pl.Path.403 Diseases of crop plants and their management 2+1
7. Pl.Path.404 Elementary forest pathology 1+1
8. Pl.Path.501 Mycology 2+1
9. Pl.Path.504 Principles of Plant Pathology 3+0
10. Pl.Path.505 Detection and diagnosis of plant diseases 0+2
11. Pl.Path.506 Principles of plant disease management 2+1
12. Pl.Path.507 Diseases of field and medicinal crops 2+1
13. Pl.Path. 508 Diseases of fruits, plantation and ornamental crops 2+1
14. Pl.Path.510/ SST 510 Seed Pathology 2+1
15. Pl.Path. 512 Ecology of soil-borne plant pathogens 2+1
16 Pl.Path.514/ Ento. 514 Insect vectors of plant viruses and other pathogens 1+1
17. Pl.Path.515 Biological control of plant diseases 2+1
18. Pl.Path.519 Post harvest diseases 2+1
19. Pl.Path.591 Master's Seminar 1+0
20. Pl.Path. 602 Advanced virology 2+1
21. Pl.Path.605/ Ento. 613/ Nema 605 Plant biosecurity and biosafety 2+0
22. Pl.Path. 691 Doctoral Seminar 1+0
23. Pl.Path. 692 Doctoral Seminar 1+0
24. AMB 520 Management of agro-chemical industry 2+0
S.No. Course No. Title C.H.
1. Pl.Path. 302 Crop diseases and their management 2+1
2. Pl.Path. 306 Plant Clinic-II (Rabi Crops) 0+1
3. Pl.Path. 502 Plant Virology 2+1
4. Pl.Path. 503 Plant Bacteriology 2+1
5. Pl.Path. 509 Diseases of vegetable and spice crops 2+1
6. Pl.Path. 511 Chemicals in plant disease management 2+1
7. Pl.Path. 513/ Nema 513 Disease resistance in plants 2+0
8. Pl.Path. 516 Integrated plant disease management 2+1
9. Pl.Path. 517 Mushroom production technology 2+1
10. Pl.Path. 518 Epidemiology and forecasting of plant diseases 2+1
11. Pl.Path. 520/ENT 520/ Nema 514 Plant quarantine 2+0
12. Pl.Path.591 Master's Seminar 1
13. Pl.Path, 601 Advanced mycology 2+1
14. Pl.Path. 603 Advanced Bacteriology 2+1
`15. Pl.Path. 604 Molecular basis of host-pathogen interactions 2+1
16. Pl.Path. 691 Doctoral Seminar I 1
17 Pl.Path. 692 Doctoral Seminar II 1
18   Incharge comprehensive written examination  

# Image Name Designation Specialization Details
1 DR. KUSHAL RAJ Assistant Scientist PLANT PATHOLOGY Details
2 Anil Kumar Professor Fungal Pathology Details
3 Dr. Narender Singh Assistant Plant Pathologist Plant Pathology (Bajra, Post Harvest Horticulture) Details
4 DR. NARESH MEHTA PROFESSOR Fungal Pathology, epidemiology, Pathogenic variability, oilseed crops, Integrated disease management Details
5 R S Rana Principal Scientist Mushroom Technology Details
6 Ajit Singh Rathi Principal Scientist Oilseed Pathology Details
7 Surender Singh Karwasra Professor and Head Wheat Pathology Details
8 Ashwani Kumar Assistant Scientist Mushrooms, Pulses Pathology Details
9 Surjeet Singh Principal Scientist Mushroom Production Technology,Mycology,Bacteriology Details