Centre of Food Science and Technology

Dr. Saleem Siddiqui

Head of the Department


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The Director,
Centre Of Food Science And Techology,
CCS Haryana Agricultural University,
Hisar - 125004 Haryana (India)

Phone No : 01662-255204
Alternate No : 9416397847
Email Id : saleem@hau.ernet.in

The Centre offers postgraduate programme leading to: 

(i) M.Sc. (Food Science and Technology): The Centre admits 6-8 students every year in M.Sc. programme through an entrance test being conducted by the University in the month of June. The basic requirement for admission to Master’s programme is B.Sc. in basic and applied sciences. It involves teaching, laboratory exercises and 4 weeks compulsory in-plant training in various food industries. The students also carry out research work and submit a thesis before being finally eligible for the award of Degree. Till date about 2230 students have passed out from the Centre and are well placed in different food industries and academic institutions.  

(ii) Ph.D. (Food Science and Technology): From academic year 2010-11, Ph.D. programme has been started. The centre admits 3 students every year and the basic requirement for admission to PhD is M.Sc. (Food Science & Technology).

Besides the on-going research in improvement and development of conventional processed food products from fruits, vegetables, cereals and pulses, the Centre has started focussing on following thrust areas

  • Development of nutritionally rich, low cost processed foods

  • Production, standardization, nutritional evaluation and value addition of the products based on horticultural crops, underutlized pulses and medicinal plants.

  • Development of instant and convenience foods

  • Lab to industry scaling up of food processing technologies.

  • Food safety and quality management.

  • Refinement and transfer of postharvest and value addition technologies.

The Centre has brought various research projects from various agencies e.g. Ministry of Food Processing ( MoFPI), DST, ICAR, etc.

Projects completed

  • Upgradation of Quality Control and Food Analysis Laboratory (MoFPI)

  • Creation of infrastructural facilities for Centre of Food Science and Technology, (MoFPI) C(g) FST-1-OA

  • Improvement in the quality of fruits and vegetables by use of pulsed electric field.(MoFPI) C(g) FST-3-OA

  • Development of value added produdcts of guar gum (MoFPI) C(g) FST-5-OA

  • Processing of cereals and underutilized pulses for development of value added extruded products (PEC Ltd., Govt. of India Enterprises) C(g) FST-6-OA

  • GIS AND remote sensing based R&D incentive support project under PURSE (DST) C(g) Dte-R-36-OA

  • Experiential Learning - Setting up facilities for hands on training for processing of fruits & vegetables and some orther food items (ICAR) C(b) FST-3-ICAR

  • Strenthening of R & D facilities for food processing [C(a)FST-1-Plan (Agri)]

  • Development of processing technology for promoting plant products [C(a) FST-2-Plan (Agri)]

  • Processing and sale of fruits and vegetables products [SF-56]

  • Preparation of value added fruit vinegar [C(a)FST-3-Plan (Agri)]

  • International students: Nine students from developening countries (Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Indonesia and Afghanistan) have sucessfully completed their Masters degree from the Centre.
  • The Centre has signed MOU with IOWA State University for inter-university collaborative academic and scientific programmes.
  • An International Interdisciplinary Indo-Netherlands project - Tailoring Plant, Food and Social Sciences to Empower Local Mungbean Production and Consumption Pattern (TELFUN) was granted to the Centre for the year 2007-2011.

Centre of Food Science & Technology (CFST) was established in 2001 with the staff working on different aspects of food processing, preservation and quality control. The Centre is having Faculty members with specialization in Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Microbiology, Postharvest Physiology, Food & Nutrition and Food Technology. The main objective of the centre is to develop trained manpower and appropriate technology for food processing industry.


# Image Name Designation Specialization Details
1 Dr. (Mrs.) Raj Bala Grewal Professor, Former Dean PGS Food Science & Nutrition Details
2 Dr. Rajesh Gehlot Associate Professor Fruit and Vegetables preservation Details
3 Rekha Asstt. Prof. Food Science & Technology Details
4 Dr. (Mrs.) Kanika Panwar Assistant Professor Food Science & Technology Details
5 Dr (Mrs) Anju Kumari Asstt. Professor Food Microbiology Details