Foods and Nutrition

Dr. (Mrs.) Sudesh Jood

Head of the Department


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Foods & Nutrition
I.C.College Of Home Science
CCS Haryana Agricultural University
Hisar - 125004 (Haryana) India

Phone No : 01662-255243
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The Department of Foods & Nutrition is a constituent Department of I.C. College of Home Science, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar. It came into existence in 1973. Since then it has seen no looking back and is one of the leading Departments in the country. The Department has well organized teaching, research and extension programmes. The M.Sc. Programme started in 1976, Ph. D in 1983 and PG Diploma in Human Nutrition & Dietetics in 2002. The Department attracts meritorious students from all over the country in its PG Programme. The information generated through research projects and PG students research is well recognized by scientists, researchers at national and international level. The department is self sufficient and possesses well knit infrastructure supplemented with very well equipped laboratories for carrying out different types of research work in the discipline. The quantum and quality of information generated through the research conducted in the department has won its acclaim far and wide. Department is submitting and receiving number of research proposals from various national and international funding agencies. These agencies include Department of Food Science & Technology, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Food Processing, National Horticultural Board, ICAR,  NATP, CSIR etc. One Experiential Learning Unit for hands on training in Bakery & Confectionery Products was set up in 2007. Department organizes number of national seminar, workshop, winter school on important topics from time to time.


  • M.Sc. and  Ph.D. in Foods & Nutrition
  • Post graduate Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics (One year)
  • Certificate course in Bakery & Confectionery (Four months)

Admission capacity

M.Sc.                                        = 7
Ph.D.                                        = 3
PG Diploma in                        = 20
Human nutrition & Dietetics

Course No.



4 Yr/6 Yr

Undergraduate courses

FN 101

Traditional Indian Foods

2 (0+2)


FN 102

Introduction to Food Science

3 (2+1)


FN 201

Human Nutrition

3 (2+1)


FN 202

Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition

4 (2+2)


FN 301

Food Preservation and Storage

2 (1+1)


FN 302

Community Nutrition

3 (2+1)



Total Credits

17 (9+8)


Elective Courses/Experiential Learning

FN 391

Bakery Science and Cereal Technology

5 (1+4)


FN 392


4 (0+4)


FN 393

Clinical Nutrition

2 (2+0)


FN 394

Hospital Dietetics

4 (1+3)


FN 395

Dietetic Foods

3 (0+3)


FN 401

Food Hygiene and Sanitation

2 (2+0)


FN 402

Food Standards and Quality Control

3 (3+0)


FN 403

Institutional Food Management

6 (2+4)


FN 404

Development of Entrepreneurial Skills in Bakery and Confectionery

4 (0+4)


FN 405

Practical Hands on Bakery and Confectionery

4 (0+4)


FN 406

Diet Counseling-I

4 (0+4)


FN 407

Diet Counseling-II

4 (0+4)


FN 408

Food Management for Preschoolers

(Supporting course for students taking HDFS as professional)

3 (1+2)



Total Credits

48 (12+36)


Postgraduate courses (M.Sc. & Ph.D.)

FN 501

Food Science

3 (2+1)


FN 502

Advanced Nutrition



FN 503*

Food Analysis



FN 504*

Advances in Community Nutrition



FN 506

Clinical Nutrition



FN 507*

Nutrition during Life Cycle



FN 508

Nutrition and physical fitness



FN 509*

Advanced Diet Therapy



FN 510

Food Toxicology



FN 511#

Advanced Human Physiology



FN 512

Food Service Management



FN 513

Food Product Development



FN 514

Nutrition and Immunity



FN 591

Master's Seminar



FN 599

Master's Research



FN 601**

Advances in Carbohydrates, Proteins and Lipids



FN 602**

Advances in Vitamins and Hormones



FN 603**

Minerals in Human Nutrition



FN 604/609##

Current Topics in Food Sciences and Technology



FN 605

Advances in Energy Metabolism



FN 606

Nutrition and Agricultural Interface



FN 607

Nutrition in Emergencies



FN 608

Application of Biotechnology in Food Science and Nutrition



FN 609

Global Nutritional Problems



FN 610

Maternal and Child Nutrition



FN 691

Doctoral Seminar I



FN 692

Doctoral Seminar II



FN 699

Doctoral Research



Courses for PG Diploma in Human Nutrition & Dietetics
FN-451 Clinical Nutrition & Health 3(2+1) I
FN-452 Community Nutrition 3(1+2) I
FN-453 Therapeutic Nutrition-I 4(2+2) I
FN-454 Food Microbiology 2(1+1) I
FN-455 Computer Science 2(0+2) I
FN-456 Therapeutic Nutrition-II 3(1+2) II
FN-457 Institutional Food Service and Management 2(1+1) II
FN-458 Hygiene & Physiology 3(1+2) II
FN-459 Diet counseling 2(0+2) II
FN-460 In Plant Training 6(0+6)  II
Certificate Course in Bakery and Confectionery


Bakery Science 5(1+4) I


Confectionery 4(0+4) I


Entrepreneurial Management 2(1+1) I

*Compulsory for Master's programme;
** Compulsory for Doctoral programme
Courses open for students of other departments: FN 501-514
#To be taught by Veterinary Physiology and Medical Specialist; ## To be taught by Food Science and Technology.

  • Well equipped AC Seminar Room
  • Well equipped AC Instrument Room
  • Well equipped AC Animal House
  • Well equipped Nutri-Data Base Lab.
  • Cooking Lab.
  • Bakery Lab.
  • Catering Lab.
  • AICRP Lab.
  • Food Analysis Lab.
  • Food Processing Lab.
  • Advance Research Lab.
This unit has been started in the department Jan, 2007 with grant from ICAR. The scheme has been planned with the following objectives:-
  • To induct hands on training for undergraduate student of B.Sc. Home Science in Bakery and Confectionery.
  • To cultivate capabilities and build entrepreneurship spirit and business management among student for creating employment.

Air Conditioned new laboratory has been set up. The model plant has various equipments like Spiral Mixture , Plantery Mixer, Electronic Oven(double deck), Bread slicer, Dough Sheeter, Electric oven, Display counter, Refrigerator, Electronic Balance and Small bakery tools. B.Sc. Home Science students with professional elective Bakery & Confectionery are being exposed to setting of production unit from procurement of items to preparation, packaging, storage and sale of bakery & confectionery products. They are being taught to prepare various baked products like biscuits, cake, cookies, bread buns etc. The bakery model plant will also be useful for training rural and urban women

Ongoing Research Projects/Schemes
  • Assessment and development of nutritious recipes (Non-Plan scheme State funded)
  • All India Coordinated Research Project in Home Science, Foods & Nutrition (ICAR funded)
  • Tailoring Plant, Food and Social Sciences to Empower Local Mungbean Production and Consumption Pattern (TELFUN) (DBT funded)
  • Diet and nutrition surveys Nutrition mapping of nine districts of Haryana completed
  • Nutritional status assessment of patients suffering from various diseases.
  • Nutritional improvement and utilization of pearl millet, maize and soybean in Indian dietaries.
  • Development and nutritional evaluation of weaning mixtures/ supplementary mixtures, amylase rich foods for children using locally available food stuffs.
  • Development of value added products from cowpea, rice bean, moth bean, field pea, tomato, baby corn, potato flour, carrot powder, guava pomace, aonla (Emblica officinalis)Teent (Capparisdeciduas),karonda,mushroom, kinnow, faba bean, green leafy vegetables (amaranth, spinach) and sunflower seed meal.
  • Evaluation of organic and inorganically grown food crops and their acceptability.
  • Development of foods for diabetics and old persons using medicinal plants.
  • Development of fibre rich foods.
  • Development of probiotic fermented foods for controlling diarrhoea
  • Assessment of nutritional status of preschool children in 9 districts of Haryana .
  • Development of iron and vitamin A rich recipes from locally available foods like gingelly seeds, bengal gram leaves, fenugreek and spinach

Probiotic food mixture using cereal, pulses, fruits, whey powder, and pure culture of Probiotic microorganism for controlling diarrhoea and hypercholesterolaemia have been developed . These food mixtures can be used in probiotic buttermilk type drink, idli, yogurt etc.

    Cooking oil blends: To have optimum rate of saturated, monounsaturated  and polyunsaturated fatty acids for maintaining good      health, blending of various cooking oil viz groundnut oil, red palm oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil etc has been recommended.  

 Contact Person: Dr (Mrs) N.Khetarpaul

Email : 

  1. Shelf life of pearlmillet flour has been increased by blanching the pearlmillet grain.

  2. Due to better nutritional profile, Bajra  has been incorporated into various value added products such as ladoomathisev, cake, biscuit etc.

  3. Quality protein maize (QPM) has been  used in place of normal maize as QPM is nutritionally superior to normal maize. QPM has been incorporated in various traditional and baked products.

  4. Green leafy vegetables including bengal gram leaves cauliflower leaves, fenugreek and carrot can be dried and made into powder which have been incorporated in various value added  products for supplementing iron and carotene, in diet  .

  5. Tomato can be successfully processed in form of paste and powder for use during off season

  6. Aloe vera have been utilized for development of value added products suitable for diabetics and constipation.

       Contact person  Dr (Mrs) Asha Kawatra

        email :, 

 1.    Mushroom can be utilized in development of products as they are rich source of protein and dietary fibre. 
 2.    Gurmar leaves have been utilized for development of value added products suitable for diabetics.
 3.    Crude palm oil has been found rich in MUFA, β-carotene and total carotenoids, blended with commonly used cooking oils like 
        sunflower,  safflower and soybean to obtain an ideal ratio of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. 
        These oil blends have  been used for development of food products for maintaining good health. 
 4.    Probiotic coarse cereal based food mixtures have been utilized for development of value added products which have nutritional 
       and therapeutic benefits. These food mixtures have been found effective in controlling the diarrhea in mice. 
 5.    Oat and barley flour as rich source of soluble dietary fibre (β-glucan) have been utilized for development of value added bakery 
        products suitable for the patients suffering from diabetes and hypercholesterolemia.
 6.    Linseed flour has been utilized for development of value added products. The developed products have nutritional and therapeutic values.  

     Contact person  Dr (Mrs) Sudesh Jood  Email :

  • Unconventional leaves like colocasia, kondra and knol khol are very rich source of calcium, vitamin C and fibre.These leaves should be incorporated in traditional products such as chapatti andkhichri for improving the nutritional status.  

      Contact person Dr (Mrs) Darshan Punia   email :


Nutritious Recipes

Fancy Cooking

Decorative Salads

Bakery & Confectionery

Professor,Dr. Saroj Dahiya

Major Contributions:

 Email: doc

  • Nutritional, evaluation of Adolescent's Diet in University Hostels of Hisar.
  • A study on Nutritional Status of Tuberculosis Patients and kidney stone patients.
  • Utilization of Sunflower (Helianthus annus). seed Meal for Human Consumption.
  • Impact of Exercise on Nutritional Status and Health Profile of Urban Obese Women in Hisary City.
  • Nutritional Quality of Aonla (Emblica officianlis Garten) Cv. Chakaiya as influenced by drying methods.
  • Impact of Maternal Nutritional Status on Outcome of Pregnancy and Composition of Breast Milk.
  • Development and Nutritional Evaluation of some Novel Food Products of Wheat and Legume blends.
  • Effect of Asorbic Acid on Availability of Iron from Egg Based College Hostel Diet.
  • Nutritional Evaluation of Home Processed Supplementary Foods for Pre-school Children.
  • Storage potential and nutritional quality of value added products from potato.
  • Development & Nutritional evaluation of wheat, sorghum, soybean composite.
  • Nutritional Quality of value added food products from amylase rich flour of chickpea and fieldpea.
  • Assessment of nutritional status of pre-school children and school going children and nutrition knowledge level of their mothers of Bhiwani and Hisar district.
  • Development and nutritional evaluation of value added food products using honey.
  • Nutritional and organoleptic Evaluation of value added products developed from Faba bean (Vicia faba L.).

Dr (Mrs) Asha Kawatra is working as Professor, Department of Foods & Nutrition.

She has done M.Sc and Ph.D. in Foods & Nutrition from CCS Haryana Agricultural University. She is teaching in the department since 1987. She has published more than 100 research articles. She has completed one NATP project and one ICAR project as Co-Investigator and one ICAR funded net work project on Quality Protein Maize as Principal Investigator. She received Subbarow Memorial Award in 1993. She is Co-PI of mega research project on Centre of Excellence on Processing of Pearlmillet sanctioned by GOI.

Research Area - Health effects of dietary fibre, processing of pulses like mothbean and cowpea, product development from quality protein maize, pearlmillet, mothbean, cowpea, green leafy vegetables, tomato, seasame seeds, aloevera; Assessment of Nutritional Status etc. 

Field of Specialization: Food Science and Human Nutrition 

Addresses for correspondence : 

Dr (Mrs) Asha Kawatra, 
Prof.  & Head, 
Deptt. Foods & Nutrition, 
01662 289243(office) 

Dr. Neelam Khetarpaul. Dr Neelam Khetarpaul working since 1979 in this University has the experience of various teaching and administrative positions including Head of the Deptt. of Foods and Nutrition (2000-2004) and Dean, College of Home Science (2006-2010). She is presently working as Professor in the department. She is the recipient of various honours and awards i.e. Commonwealth Staff Academic Fellowship (British Council), trainings abroad (The Netherlands, Hungary, Australia, USA) funded by National and International agencies like UGC, Ministry of Science and Technology, GOI, FAO/UNDP/ICAR, etc., Distinguished Teacher Award, Ms. Manju Utreja Best Ph.D. Research Award, Young Scientist Award and many Best research paper/poster awards at National/International Conferences/Seminars. She has more than 230 research papers and 16 books to her credit. She has been the PI and Co-PI of various research projects funded by DBT, CSIR, NATP, Ministry of Food and Supply, GOI, etc. Presently, she is PI and Country Co-ordinator of an internationally funded multidisciplinary project TELFUN being funded by DBT, GOI and INREF, the Netherlands. This project is on-going in 4 continents viz. India, West Africa, Latin America and Europe and our 4 students are doing Ph.D under sandwich formula from Wageningen University, the Netherlands. During sabbatical leave, she worked with Dr. Mark Manary at Washington University, St. Louis, USA on absorption of protein and bioavailability of  β-carotene from bio-fortified cassava. 

Research areas: Nutritional improvement of plant foods, fermented foods, development of cereal-legume based probiotic foods and their role in human nutrition, value addition of plant foods, food sovereignty, nutritional anaemia, school feeding trails on children for prevention of iron deficiency anaemia and nutritional assessment of school children consuming Mid-Day Meal.

Field of Specialization: Food Science and Human Nutrition 

Address for correspondence:

Dr (Mrs) Neelam Khetarpaul, Professor
Department of Foods & Nutrition
E Mail :
01662 289243(office) 

Dr (Mrs) Pinky Boora. She is working as Professor in the department of Foods & Nutrition. She is M.Sc. & Ph.D. in Foods & Nutrition. She worked as DES Home Science in KGK from 1983-1988. She is teaching in the Department of Foods & Nutrition since 1988. She is working in the area of Food Science and Community Nutrition. She  worked as CO-PI in project Molecular Characterization and Nutritional evaluation of Mothbean Vigna aconitifolia Jacq.funded by Ministry of Food Processing, GOI.  

Research areas: Value addition of mothbean, chick pea and assessment of nutritional status of pre school children, school going children and pregnant mothers of different districts of Haryana. 

Field of Specialization: Food Science and Human Nutrition 

Address for correspondence :

Dr (Mrs) Pinky Boora Professor & Head, 
Department of Foods & Nutrition 
E Mail :
01662 289243(office)  

Dr Darshan Punia is presently working as Senior Scientist in the Department of Foods & Nutrition. She was the Principal Investigator of National Agricultural Technology Project funded by ICAR. She is the recipient of ICAR Ch.Devi Lal Outstanding All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) Team Award, 2003. She also received Best Research Paper Presentation Award during the year 2002, 2003 and 2009. She has been the Convenor and Co- Convenor for poster presentations at International Conference. She has published about 60 research papers in national and international journals of repute and two books. Presently she is the incharge of All India Coordinated Research Project in the Department of Foods & Nutrition, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar.

Research Areas : Processing of cereals and pulses, development of value added products, health foods, diet and nutrition surveys, community studies. 

Field of Specialization: Food Science, Human Nutrition and Community Nutrition 

Address for correspondence: 

Dr (Mrs) Darshan Punia,
Sr Scientist
Deptt of Foods & Nutrition, CCSHAU, Hisar

E Mail :
01662 289243(office)                                

Dr. (Mrs) Sudesh Jood is working as Professor in the Department of Foods & Nutrition at CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, India. She has been awarded Indian National Science Academy (INSA) Young Scientist Award in 1993 for outstanding research work. She has been a visiting research Scientist to the University of Reading, Department of Food Science and Technology, UK from 1997-98 on the Academic Commonwealth Fellowship. She is recipient of Best Teacher Award for the year 2005-06. She has published more than 100 research papers in various journals of National and International repute and five manuals and five books in the discipline of Food Science and Human Nutrition. She has completed five research projects as PI and CO-PI funded by INSA, CSIR, State, DBT and one international multidisciplinary project funded by DBT, GOI and INREF, The Netherlands.

Research Areas: Nutritional enhancement of cereals and pulses through processing techniques, development of value added products, therapeutic foods, probiotic foods, clinical studies, nutritional assessment. 

Field of Specialization: Food Science and Human Nutrition 

Address for Correspondence: 

Dr. (Mrs.) Sudesh Jood
Professor (Ph.D, Post Doc.)
Department of Foods & Nutrition
CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125004
01662 289243(office)
E-Mail : 

Dr Veenu Sangwan is working as Assist. Prof., Department of Foods & Nutrition.  She has done M.Sc and Ph.D. in Foods & Nutrition from CCS Haryana Agricultural University. She is Co-PI of mega research project on Centre of Excellence on Processing of Pearlmillet sanctioned by GOI. Prior to joining the present post she was working in the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, GOI and has got more than 10 years of experience in the area of Food Safety.   

Research Area  Food Safety, development of value added products from plant foods, dietary surveys, assessment of Nutritional Status etc. 

Field of Specialization: Food Science and Human Nutrition, Food Safety and Quality Management 

Addresses for correspondence: 

Dr Veenu Sangwan
Assistant Professor,
Deptt. Foods & Nutrition,
01662 289243(office)

  • Food Science
  • Diet therapy
  • Human Nutrition
  • Community Nutrition
  • Post Harvest Processing  and Utilization of Food Crops
  • Bakery and Confectionery

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3 Dr. Saroj Dahiya Professor - Details
4 Darshan Punia, Sr Scientist - Details
5 Dr. Varsha Rani Asstt. Prof. - Details
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