Extension Education and Communication Mangement

Dr. (Mrs.) Sushma Kaushik

Head of the Department


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Extension Education And Communication Management
College Of Home Science
CCS Haryana Agriculture University, Haryana (India) 125004

Phone No : 01662-255228
Email Id : hod-hsee@hau.ernet.in

The Department of Home Science Extension Education was formally established in the year 1983 and renamed as Extension Education and Communication Management in the year 2010.  The department started M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes in 1979 and 1986 respectively. So far 180  M.Sc. and  56  Ph.D. students have passed out from the department.  Besides offering courses on communication, programme planning and evaluation, entrepreneurship, instructional technology, training and research management, the department offers professional elective course in Information technology and communication management.

            Cent per cent faculty in the department is Ph. D and majority of them have international exposure. More than 20 books, 500 research papers and 45 manuals have been published by the faculty since inception. Three faculty members ( Dr. Indu Grover, Dr. S.K. Varma and Dr. Manju Dahiya have received Commonwealth Fellowship for Ph.D/ Post doctorate. Dr Indu Grover and Dr Lali Yadav received ICAR Outstanding Tearcher Award, while Dr Indu Grover also received ICAR Outstanding Extension Scientist Award. She and Dr S. Verma were also conferred Fellow Award by Indian Society of Extension Education. Dr Nishi Sethi and Dr. Sushma Kaushik and Dr.S.K.Varma received ICAR sponsored Best Teacher Award, COHS, CCSHAU. 

            The department has organized 5 summer/winter schools and many workshops and conferences. The faculty of the department is actively involved in organizing various refresher courses organized by AAREM and other agencies.  The department contributes significantly in training field functionaries and rural women to acquire the latest know-how by organizing short term trainings on income generating activities, improved home and farm practices through research schemes and UG and PG students for field functionaries, members of self help groups and rural women in different villages of Haryana state.

            The major research thrust of the department is : Technology testing and refinement, testing efficacy of different extension methods for dissemination of tested viable technologies, capacity building of women, preparation of data base, development and testing of media packages, indigenous knowledge in the area of home,farm and animal husbandry,monitoring and evaluation of ongoing development programme gender issues, impact assessment of improved household technology. Thus the Home Science Extension has developed through researches, a comprehensive knowledge in various fields related to the development of rural women.

            The department also involved in developing resource material for information in the form of slides, video cassette, audio cassettes, compact discs, booklets, bulletins and other extension literature. During the year 2008-09, ICAR allotted 88 lacs for Experiential Learning project to the department. Under the project, Video and Print Studios have been established for providing hands on training on designing and production of instructional material.                

The focus of extension activities is on developing and strengthening horizontal and vertical linkages among various institutions and organizations working for the welfare of rural women in different areas of Home Science.

  • To disseminate knowledge of appropriate technology and develop skills and abilities to use the knowledge to achieve economic independency by means of self-employment.
  • To train for competence in leadership at all levels of operation with appropriate communication and demonstration skills.
  • To develop skill in preparing and handling communication and instructional material and to undertake vocations in various NGOs, Print and Electronic Media etc.
  • To create ability to recognize, identify problems and solving them both at the family and community levels.
a) Academic Programme-- Admission Capacity

M.Sc. = 7 (5+2 ICAR)
Ph.D. = 3

b) Programmes and courses offered:
Course No Title Credit hrs
Under-graduate (B.Sc. Hons.)-Ist Semester    
HECM 101 Introduction to Home Science and Extension Education 2 (2+0)
HECM 201 Diffusion and adoption of homestead technology 3 (2+1)
HECM 202 Women in Agriculture Programme Development for rural families 2 (2+0) 3 (1+2)
Professional Electives (Journalism & Mass Communication)    
HECM 401 Communication Skills 3 (2+1)
HECM 402 Designing Information Material-II 5 (0+5)
HECM 403 Electronic Journalism 5 (1+4)
HECM 404 Print Journalism 5 (2+3)
Post-graduate (M.Sc. & Ph.D.)    
HECM-501* Global Extension Systems 3+0
HECM-502* Training and human resource development 2+1
HECM 504 Media Production and Management 2+2
HECM 506 Gender Sensitization for Empowerment 2+0
HECM 507
HECM 508
Extension Management
Research Methods in Home Science
HECM 591* Masters Seminar 1
HECM 601** Recent Trends in Extension & Communication 3+0
HECM 604** Research Project Management 2+1
HECM 691 Doctoral Seminar I 1
HECM 692 Doctoral Seminar II 1
HECM 699 Doctoral research  
Under-graduate (B.Sc. Hons.) :IInd semester    
HECM 102 HECM 203 Communication Management Extension Training Management 4(2+2) 3(2+1)
HECM 391 HECM 392 HECM 393 Introduction of Mass Communication and Photo Journalism Designing Information Material-I Entrepreneurship Development 4(2+2) 3(0+3) 3(2+1)
  RHWE 3+0
  Inplant Training 1+2
Post-graduate (M.Sc. & Ph.D.)    
HECM 503* Communication for development 2+1
HECM 505 Participatory programme management 1+2
HECM 508 Research methods in home science 2+1
HECM 509 Scientific writing and reporting for media 1+2
HECM 510 Educational technology 2+1
HECM 511 Ict and media 0+2
HECM 591* Masters seminar 1
HECM 599 Masters research  
HECM 602 Managerial skills for extension professionals 2+1
HECM 603 Advanced media management 1+2
HECM 605** Advanced research techniques and measurement 2+2
HECM 606 Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment 3+0
HECM 691 Doctoral seminar I 0+1
HECM 692 Doctoral seminar II 0+1
HECM 699 Doctoral research 45
  • *Compulsory for Masters programme; ** Compulsory for Doctoral programme
  • Courses open for other students: HECM 505, HECM 506, HECM 507, HECM 508, HECM 510.

v   Multimedia lab for recording & editing.


v   Audio- Visual  Aid Lab for UG teaching 


v   Print Journalism Lab


v   Video studio for video production.

Completed research projects:

  • 20-point programme of Prime Minister of India. Development of health nutrition, functional education and introduction to appropriate technology in Hisar District. State Funded
  • 20-point programme of Prime Minister of India. Study on health, education and income generation level of backward class families of HaryanaState Funded
  • An evaluation of information input through radio and interpersonal communication. UNICEF funded
  • Status of women package of media for non-formal education of women and girls. UNICEF and Directorate of Adult Education funded.
  • Action research on the acceptance of post-harvest technology among rural women of Haryana.ICAR funded.
  • Monitoring of special components of ICDS project in selected block of Haryana. NIPCCD funded.
  • Development of women and children in rural areas. State funded.
  • Acceptability of energy saving household technologies by rural women - An action research. Deptt. of Science and Technology,Govt. of India, New Delhi.
  • Study on production and evaluation of software material in Home Science for rural clientele. ICAR funded.
  • PG diploma in Gender and Development through distance education. (British Council scheme)
  • Empowerment of Women in Agriculture. NATP - ICAR funded.
  • Approaches to engendering Agricultural Research and Extension -Networking Mode gender mainstreaming. ICAR funded.
  • Target Oriented Message designing in various areas of home sciences and allied areas and dissemination with social marketing Strategy. State funded
  • Capacity building of farm women in diversified agriculture. State funded.
  • Public Private Partnership for Gender mainstreaming in agriculture.ICAR funded
  • Strengthening of extension education programme/renovation of state financed KVKs. State funded.
  • Establishment of Studio Lab. for designing and production of instructional materialICAR funded
  • Empowerment of rural women through value addition & post harvest interventions. State funded. (RKVY)
State Schemes: Action research on capacity building of farm women through technological interventions.(1981) 2880/c(a) EECM-2 plan Ag. OBJECTIVES:

   Empowering rural women through entrepreneurial activities. C(a)HSEE-1-Plan (Agri):  2007-2008

   2688 C(a)EECM-I-Plan (Agri)



All India Coordinated Research Project on Home Science. C(b)COHS-5-ICAR . 1996


●   Generate database on gender perspectives with reference to roles, responsibilities, resources, constraints and opportunities on access to and  control over resources within the boundaries of farm and household systems.

●     Empowerment of farm women to conserve natural resources and develop linkages with Government and Non Government organizations. 


Capacity building of scheduled caste women through developmental messages.

1.      To sensitize and motivate S.C. communities about developmental issues

2.      Organize need-based income generating and capacity building trainings for SC women (Need assessment has already been completed).

3.      To find out adoption level of already delivered development messages

4.      To identify key communicators and to provide training on leadership to them for creating knowledge work in selected villages.

5.      Provide back up support in availing credit and other facilities.




  • To impact need based training on farm and home practices using different extension methods and approaches.
  • To assess comparative effectiveness of extension methods /approaches.
  • Field testing and refinement of technologies generated by technical departments.
    • To study the feasibility of agricultural and allied enterprises for rural women.
    • To impart skilled training in selected enterprises for rural women thrift groups.
    • To assess the impact of training on women's empowerment.
Electronic Print Journalism
  • Media Design, Development & Testing
  • Communication Management
  • Technology testing and refinement
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Extension Management
  • Diffusion and adoption of technologies
  • Programme Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Gender Studies
  • Women in Agriculture
  • Training & Human Resources Development

Providing technical support to District Extension Specialists (Home Science) of all the KVKs 
in the form of FLDs, OFTs and related inputs.

  • Organising village level training programmes for field functionaries and rural women
  • Establishing linkages with other development agencies.
  • Celebrating various days like   International women day, International literacy day, Women's Equality day, women in agriculture day etc.
  • Organising awareness compaigns
  • Participation in Kisan melas and fairs

Providing technical support to District Extension Specialists (Home Science) of all the KVKs 
in the form of FLDs, OFTs and related inputs.

  • Organising village level training programmes for field functionaries and rural women
  • Establishing linkages with other development agencies.
  • Celebrating various days like   International women day, International literacy day, Women's Equality day, women in agriculture day etc.
  • Organising awareness compaigns
  • Participation in Kisan melas and fairs

# Image Name Designation Specialization Details
1 Dr. (Mrs.) Sushma Kaushik Professor - Details
2 Dr. S.K.Verma Professor - Details
3 Dr. Sudesh Mehta Professor - Details
4 Rita Goel Professor - Details
5 Dr. (Mrs.) Manju Dahiya Principal Scientist - Details
6 Dr.(Mrs.) Vandana V. Trar Assistant Professor (Stage-II) - Details
7 Dr. Candy Tondon Research Associate AICRP - Details

# Image Name Designation Qualification Phone Email
1 Ms. Raj Leekha Assistant - 01662-255228 -
2 Mrs. Meena Kumari JSS - 01662-255228 -
3 Sultan Singh Project Operator - 01662-255228 -
4 Rajinder Singh Lab Assistant - 01662-255228 -
5 Vijay Khokhar DRA -- 01662-255228 -
6 Sobran Singh Messenger - 01662-255228 -
7 Bir Singh Beldar - 01662-255228 -
8 Mrs. Mukesh Kumari Attendant - 01662-255228 -