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Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
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The department of Chemistry and Biochemistry runs excellent teaching programs at M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree levels.The science of Biochemistry has gained importance in recent years through its rapid and revolutionary advances. It is a science whose boundaries now encompass all aspects of biology, medicine, health sciences, agriculture and ecology. Therefore, a student pursuing career in any of the above disciplines should be well verse in biochemistry. Major branches of Chemistry are - Physical, Organic and InorganicHence its inclusion both at UG and PG curricula in biology, biotechnology, agriculture, medicine and food sciences has become imperative.Annually, the department offers, 6 UG courses and 35 PG courses in Chemistry, 4 UG courses and 23 PG in biochemistry discipline.
The areas of specialisation in biochemistry include plant biochemistry, enzymology, nutritional biochemistry, biochemistry of fruit during ripening and post-ripening, molecular biology, intermediary metabolism, biochemical and molecular mechanism(s) of of abiotic stresses and biochemistry of environmental pollution.Some of the important topics of research in chemistry, currently in progress include- Physico-chemical studies of Inorganic complexes; synthetic organic/medicinal/pesticide chemistry; chemical constituents and insecticidal natural products ; synthesis of agro-chemicals having biological activity; synthesis and characterization of bioactive compounds with antifungal, antibacterial and nematicidal activity; studies of complexes of transition metals & lanthanides; synthesis and structural elucidation of novel organic legends and their co-ordination compounds; Physico-chemical studies of surfactant solutions; synthesis and characterization of noble metal nanoparticles and their application as selective catalysts and trace analysis of micro-elements in plants and soil.
The department has successfully completed a number of research projects financed by the ICAR, C.S.I.R. and other agencies. The research findings from the various research programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry have been presented at the National and International conferences and also published in the form of a large number of papers in reputed journals. Apart from the various research programs being carried out in the department its faculty members are lending support to other departments of the university in interdisciplinary co-ordinated research programs, particularly, in the areas of Entomology, Soil Sciences, Agronomy, Genetics and Plant Breeding. In Recognition of the excellent research activities in the department some of its faculty members and students have been offered national scientific awards and visiting fellowships.

The department has a team of highly qualified and experienced teaching staff who have shown excellence both at the national and international levels.The major thrust areas of the department are as given below:

  • To impart quality education to the UG and PG students of different colleges of the University and to develop human resource specialized in various aspects of basic and applied Chemistry and Biochemistry.
  • Biochemical studies in relation to improvement of field, vegetable and fruit crops.
  • To carry out research in basic and applied chemistry in areas relevant to agriculture viz. Synthetic chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry , Environmental chemistry and bioefficacy of chemical compounds.
  Qualified ICAR NET Students

# Image Name Designation Specialization Details
1 Dr. VEENA JAIN Principal Scientist and Head Plant Biochemistry, Enzymology Details
2 Dr H. R. Singal Professor Enzymology Details
3 Dr. Rajvir Singh Professor Synthetic and natural product chemistry. Details
4 Dr.Sushila Singh Assistant Professor Chemistry GHG's Mitigation, Natural Product Details
5 Dr. Ajay Pal Assistant Professor (Biochemistry) Enzymology, Nano-Biotechnology Details
   Non-Teaching Staff

# Image Name Designation Qualification Phone Email
1 Mrs. Seema Rani Assistant - 01662-255242 -
2 Sh. Dharam Pal Singh SLA - 9416849981 -
3 Sh. Sunil Kumar SLA - 9468309308 -
4 Sh. Dalbir Singh Lab. Assistant - 9254872602 -
5 Sh. Dilbag Singh Lab. Assistant - 9813587758 -
6 Sh. Dharam Pal Beldar - - -