Department of Farm Machinery & Power Engineering

 Dr. Vijaya Rani         Head
 Telephone: 01662289126(R)
 E mail:       
1.         Er. N.K. Bansal             Research Engineer
2.         Dr. (Mrs.) Vijaya Rani    Asstt. Professor
3.         Er. Anil Kumar              Asstt. Professor
4.         Er. S.Mukesh Jain        Asstt. Agricultural 
Non-Teaching staff

1. Er. S.P. Bansal Workshop Engineer
2. Harbhajan Singh Sr.Tractor Mechanic
3. Dhoop Singh Mechanic
4. O.P. Arora Mechanic
5. Jagdish Rai Mechanic
6. Harvir Singh Mechanic
7. Balwant   Mechanic (Tractor)
8. Kulbir Singh Driver-cum-Mechanic
9. Sanjay Kumar Assistant
10. Kailash Devi Steno Typist
11. Ram Chander Mechanic (Tractor)
12. Harikesh Store-Keeper
13. Phoola Ram Turner
14. Bhoop Singh Welder
15. Kartar Singh Fitter
16. Jagdish Chander Workshop Mate
17. Sua Lal   Hammer man
18. Des Raj Vehicle Attendant
19. Umed Singh  Vehicle Attendant
20. Ram Kumar      Beldar
21. Balwan Kumar  Helper
22. Satyavir Singh  Messenger
23. Sheela Devi Sweeper
Scheme in the Department

 Building of College of Agricultural Engg.
& Technology  
Mailing Address :
Dept. of Farm Machinery & Power Engineering
College of Agricultural Engg. &  Technology, 
CCS Hayana Agricultural University
 Hisar - 125 004, India.
Telephone :


Academic Programs
 M.Tech. in Farm Machinery & Power Engg.
Specification of Agricultural Machinery  

Agricultural Engineering Based Resource Databank
Ongoing Research Programme and Teaching Programme
Brochure on Farm Machinery Testing 
Application form for testing of agricultural machines
Seniority list of applicants for testing of Farm Machinery

Ongoing Research Projects
1.        Development, testing modification and popularization of 
          agricultural machinery and  implements in Haryana State.
2.        All India Coordinated Research Project on 
          research and development of farm implements 
          and their adoption under actual field conditions 
          in Haryana State. 
The Department has done pioneer Research & Extension 
work for giving a boost to farm mechanization in Haryana
State. The salient achievements being:
*        Acid Delinting Technology / Hand Operated 
         Acid Delinters of different capacities. Manual 
         Seeders, Wheel Hand Hoe, Crust Breaker, 
         Cotton Stalk Puller, Papad and Wadi making 
*        Developments / promotion of bullock drawn 
         machines like land preparation, land leveling, 
         Stubble Collector cum Planker, Mustard Drill, 
         Seed cum fertilizer drills, Weeding machines.
*        Tractor operated machines i.e. Rotavator, 
         Puddler, High Clearance Weeders, No-till seed ferti drill, 
        High capacity Crop Threshers, Paddy Transplanters, 
        Automatic Sugarcane Planters, Ridge Seeders/Bed  
        Planters, Potato Planter & Digger, Post hole digger,  
        Straw reaper
*       Self propelled machines i.e. power weeders, crop reaper-
        binder, vertical conveyor reaper, paddy tranplanter etc.
*       Custom hiring project on improved machinery (like rotavator, zero till drill, laser 
         leveler, straw combine, ripper binder, potato planter, potato digger, high capacity  
         front threshers etc.

Last updated - 17/10/14