Discipline Rules and Regulations

Parent & Student Guide
Behavior reflects the academic and social progress of a student as well as his upbringing at home and school. We expect our students to behave at all times in a manner that reflects the culture, traditions and beliefs of our society and is conductive to a positive working environment. The administration and staff of Campus School believe that it is important to encourage and reinforce positive behavioral patterns and to discourage negative behavioral patterns, and rely upon parental support and cooperation to accomplish this objective.
Students should behave according to the following guidelines at all times.
Students must be punctual for school.
1) They must bring school diary to the school on all working days and get it signed by their parents/guardians regularly.
2) Students must come to school in proper neat and clean school uniform.
3) They must have simple hairstyle. Awkward or fashionable hair styles are not permitted in the school.
4) They must not wear any kind of jewellery in thwe school and must not have long and polished nails.They should not use perfumes.
5) They should show courtesy in their behavior.
6) They must not damage the school property . Any such damage will be made good by the parents of the student.
7) Students must not run or shout in the corridors or school premises.
8) They must not stand or roam outside the school.
9) They must not bring any eatable like toffees, chocolates, chips, kurkure, snacks
etc. or any material /article other than stationery items required for their
10) Students up to class X are not permitted to come to school driving a car or
a scooter, motorcycle etc. Parents of students of class XI and XII, who wish their
wards to drive a scooter or a motorcycle to come to school, must apply in writing
and take prior permission from the Principal for the same. No student will ride a
two wheeler (including pillion rider) without wearing a helmet, properly secured to
the head.
11)They must not bring mobile phones, tablets, laptops or any other electronic gadget to the school. If any student is found possessing such gadget, it will be confiscated and strict disciplinary action will be taken against the student.
12) They must speak in English in the school to acquire proficiency in this language.
13)They must have 75% attendance to take up Half Yearly and Annual Examinations.
14)If a student is absent during a test or examination, no re-test or re-examination will be conducted except in case of serious illness.
15) Parents should not send their wards to school if they are unwell. The school is indemnified against all claims arising from illness, accidents or other mishaps.
16)In case any parent wants to take his/her ward home from school during working hours, he/she should either come personally or the escort must bring an authority letter signed by him/her otherwise the child will not be sent.
17) Parents should not go to the classes.
18)Parents should attend the PTM's regularly.
19)They can meet the Principal from 11 am to 12 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. To see the Principal on days other than these days and PTM's, kindly take a telephonic appointment.
20)Information and rules given in this diary are subject to change for efficiency and convenience.
21)In case of dispute, the decision of the Principal will be final and binding on all parties.

Disciplinary Actions
The students' acts of indiscipline have been put in the following three categories. The students should always be mindful not to be found guilty of any of the following offences for their smooth schooling.

Class A (Mild Offences):

• Uniform or dress code violations
• Late coming
• Excessive/disruptive talking in class
• Prohibited eatables or articles in school
• Making desks , classrooms or school premises dirty
• Moving out of class without valid pass
• Minor mischief
• Not observing good health habits

Class B (Moderate Offences):
• Running and shouting.
• Throwing objects with intent to harm
• Fighting or rough play
• Inappropriate language or gestures
• Socially detrimental actions or attitudes
• Acts of unkindness to others (bullying, belittling, teasing, mocking, spreading rumors, etc.)
• Being disrespectful to students, teachers or office staff
• Persistent or habitual mischief
• Excessive violation of any Class A offence

Class C (Serious Offences):
• Injury to another student by hitting, pushing, kicking, or other physical or verbal abuse
• Acts of cruelty, including threats to other students or slander
• Cheating
• Lying
• Stealing
• Intentional destruction of school property
• Drug/alcohol use on campus
• Habitual violation of the school rules
• Any violation exceeding the scope of the above
• Excessive violation of any Class A or B offence

The following disciplinary action will be taken against the students who violate the rules. The school will keep records of all disciplinary actions taken and the parents will be informed at all stages.

Step 1. Warning letter will be issued to the student.
Step 2. Repeated violation of the rules will result in the issue of the red cards.
Step 3. The student getting two red cards will be subject to the suspension from the school for a week or more.
Step 4. Further violation will lead to the expulsion of the student from the school.
Note: The school authorities reserves the right of not following the above mentioned disciplinary steps and suspend/expel the student/s straight away in case of any serious offence.
We have read the above-mentioned Rules and Regulations and the procedure of the disciplinary actions carefully and undertake to abide by the same sincerely.

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