Prospectus along with application form can be obtained from the school office. Selection of a candidate rests on his/her merit in the Board Examination or entrance test. Out of the total strength of the school, 90% weight age is given to the wards of the HAU employees while rest of 10% seats go to the other categories. Class I carries two sections consisting of about 35 students each. In other classes, the school has two sections. If seats fall vacant in any of the classes from II to XII, these are filled up in the month of April giving preference to the wards of the university's own employees. Teacher - student ratio is 1:29.
Medical, Non Medical and Commerce streams are offered in the school.
Admissions To VI to XII: All students have to appear for an aptitude written test in English, Mathematics and Science to qualify for admission. As a matter of policy we do not admit students in classes X and XII from other than CBSE affiliated schools The aptitude test is held in the school in the last week of February any day between March 25 and April 15 every year.
Admission is confirmed only after assessing the performance of the child in aptitude test. The question paper is based on the general syllabus of the previous class.
Students passing class X from Campus School are eligible to seek admission in XI, but they are required to obtain the prospectus, fill up the enclosed admission form and submit it with the school office on or before the date as notified. Still, if some seats remain vacant, these are preferentially filled up with the wards of HAU employees. There shall be only two sections in each class having strength of about 40 students each. Minimum requirement for admission in Medical/Non-Medical/Commerce stream is 70% marks in aggregate in I.Sc. and Mathematics in class X.
Merits for admission in Medical, Non-Medical and Commerce stream will be on the basis of aggregate marks secured by students in Mathematics and Science subjects in class X Examination. If the required number of seats in a batch of PCM or PCB is filled up, the remaining students will be given admission in PCM/PCB batch where seats lie vacant. The students seeking admission in class XI shall opt for first and second choice in two streams i.e. PCM and PCB and admission shall be made on merit accordingly.
Reservation for wards of class IV employees
Five per cent of the seats are reserved for the wards of class IV employees of CCS HAU, Hisar and they are allowed free-ship in the form of free tuition fee, uniform and books/stationary on the basis of merit every year subject to the limit of 5% strength of each class.
The Vice-Chancellor, CCS HAU, Hisar is the Chairman of Campus School Advisory Committee. He is the final authority to admit the students in any class and to modify the rules for admission. In case of any dispute in any matter, his decision will be final.
Eligibility Criteria
(a) Students seeking admission to class I have to be between 5 and 6 years age on 1st of April of the year in which admission is sought.
Any One of the following documents is required as proof of the date of birth:
(i) An extract from the register of Birth kept by the municipality or Chief Medical Officer or any other authority responsible for keeping the authentic record of Births provided that the Birth is registered within one year of the child's Birth.
(ii) An extract from the original record of the govt. hospital where the child was born and where the birth of the child was recorded immediately after it was born.
(iii) An extract from the part- II order published within one year of the child's birth in the case of a child whose parent(s) served in the Defence Services at the time of the child's birth.
For a child who has previously attended a school recognised by local Board/State Education Deptt. For a minimum of three years, the date of birth indicated in his/her Transfer Certificate issued by such recognized school will be accepted. The T.C. from a non-CBSE recognised school will also be accepted provided the District Education Officer countersigns it.
(b) Transfer certificate and report card from the previous recognized school should be appended with the admission form.
(c) Employment certificate of the parent, if in Govt. service, should also be attached.
(d) The child should be medically fit. In case of doubt, the Senior Medical officer, CCS HAU, Hisar, will conduct a medical examination.
(e) The student must have studied in an English-medium school.
Admission to class I to V:
Education Board: Campus School is affiliated to CBSE. So CBSE norms are followed in primary section. The session lasts from April to March.
Admission: Children seeking admission have to appear for aptitude test in English, Hindi and Mathematics. Syllabus of entrance test is based on general syllabus of the previous class. Entrance test is held in the last week of February.
Examination: The school follows the CBSE guidelines. So, the school has introduced continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). It desists from the old pass-fail system. It aims at grooming at all round personality of the learner and avoids negative input about the performance of the learner.
For withdrawal of a student from the school, an application may be sent in advance and the withdrawal fee of Rs. 50/- should be deposited for obtaining the transfer certificate. Duplicate certificate under ordinary circumstances will not be issued. After depositing a fee Rs. 100/- in advance, a duplicate certificate can be issued if the principal is satisfied over the validity of its reason.
The principal can expel a student in the interest of the school for the following reason:
(a) Where in his/her opinion the student has failed to accept the discipline of the school and his/her continued presence is considered detrimental to the interest of the other students;
(b) Where the students fails to come up to academic standard expected of him/her;
(c) Where a student has failed twice in the same class.
Rules and regulation:
1. For the late returning of library books, a fine of Rs.1/- for general books and Rs.2/- for textbooks per day charged.
2. For deliberate loss/breakage of school property, the principal can impose a fine up to Rs.100/- in addition to actual cost of the property.
3. The principal can suspend a student for his/her misconduct or anti-social activities. The suspension shall only be revoked on written assurance by the parents/guardian/ of the suspended student that his/her ward would never indulge in any act of misconduct/discipline. The suspended student shall have to pay re-admission fee. Students are expected to be regular and they must have a minimum of 75% attendance during the year to be eligible to sit in the Annual examination. The name of student absenting himself/herself from the school continuously fro 10 days, unless or medical ground and a certificate produced thereof as evidence, will be struck off the rolls and he/she will have to seek re-admission as per school rules. The wilful absence without permission of the principal even in one period on a particular day shall be considered as absence for the whole day.
Students are not allowed to bring any valuable to the school.
Discipline and department of the students are above anything else. Every student is expected to obey the teachers and follow the rules and regulations. Incentives will be given to deserving students.
Use of profane words, insulting language and unbecoming behaviour will be considered as a serious offence and the punishment can even amount to the student's expulsion from the school.
The school does not accept responsibility, legal or otherwise, for accidents.
In all matters pertaining to the studies, behaviour and welfare of the students the principal's decision will be final and binding.
Unauthorized absence from school shall be considered as a serious misconduct and strong disciplinary action shall be taken against the defaulting students. The principal for such conduct can impose a fine up to Rs.500/-.
Cycles brought by the student and kept in cycle-stand should be insured.

To judge the progress of a student, examinations are conducted twice a year i.e. I Term (Half Yearly) And 2nd Term (Annual). Attendance in examination is compulsory for all students.
A Pre-Board examination is conducted for Board Classes which is compulsory for all students. Any student failing to appear in these examinations will not be issued the admit card for the Board Examination.
For 10+1 Examination, students are required to pass separately in Theory as well as Practical of each subject. Other rules will be applicable as per rules of 10+2 CBSE Examination unless and until modified and communicated by CBSE.
Any student once exempted by the principal from appearing in the 1st or 2nd Term Examination for an unavoidable reason will have to appear in the same examination as and when decided by the Principal.
Parent Teacher Association:
The school holds the Parent-Teacher-Association Meeting in a phased manner round the year.