Sardar Patel Outstanding Institution Award-2016 International Gita Mahotsav 17.11.2017 - 3.12.2017 COA, Bawal - Foundation Stone laid by Hon'ble Chief Minister, Haryana CCS HAU Trademark - Symbol of Quality and Trust 51 Annual Convention of ISAE and National Symposium on 16 Feb 2017 FIRST HARYANA AGRI CONCLAVE AND EXPO-2017 National Conference of Agricultural Librarians & User Community-2017 Fletcher Bhawan (Administrative Block) 51 Annual Convention of ISAE and National Symposium on 16 Feb 2017

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"Agriculture emerging as knowledge based industry"
BPD CCSHAU supports entrepreneurship development, Innovation activities & commercialization


     CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar is one of the leading State Agricultural Universities in the country. It has contributed significantly in ushering green, yellow, white and blue revolutions in the state and brought out sea change in agricultural economy of Haryana. The state is second largest contributor to national food reserves. Keeping in view the food security and emerging challenges to agriculture, various steps are being initiated by State government and the university to give another boost to agriculture. One of the very important initiatives taken by the University is the implementation of ICAR guidelines for IP management and commercialization. In this process, CCSHAU has established IPR Cell at Directorate of Human Resource Management, which has carried out a number of awareness activities on IP management and commercialization over five years and brought out CCSHAU's institutional IPR Policy and Regulations. Subsequently, the university has filed so far 32 patent applications and licensed potential technologies including hybrids of maize, rice, dhaincha and bajra, wheat varieties, milk urea detection technology, biofertilizer technology and Aonla pricking machine to licensee companies located in Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Karnataka, Gujarat, West Bengal and Haryana. The University has recently set up a Business Planning and Development (BPD) unit under NAIP at IPR Cell, Directorate of Human Resource Management.

Strength of University

    CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar has developed technologies ready for commercialization in all potential areas covering crop varieties, technologies related to NRM, IPM, bio-technology, processed products, engineering goods, diagnostic kits, etc. for commercialization.  The laboratories in different departments are well equipped and generating efficient technologies. The university is consistently trying to reach the farmers and other clients of its technologies through its extension network of 21 KVKs and also through organization of brainstorming sessions, university-industry linkage workshops, awareness activities for patent filing and commercialization of technologies, etc.

The university has set up Business Planning and Development Unit having necessary physical infrastructure to launch business by offering incubation facilities to private sector and sharing of resources such as specialized equipment and support services in order to license the technologies. It can provide these basic services to agribusiness entrepreneurs in state and country which will go a long way in fulfilling the mission to convert subsistence agriculture to an agribusiness