The University 
The  Haryana  Agricultural  University  was  established  on  February  2, 1970, as a result of bifurcation of the erstwhile Punjab Agricultural University,  through  a  Presidential  Ordinance,  ratified  later  by  the Haryana  and  Punjab Agricultural  Universities  Act,  1970(Act  No  16  of  1970)  passed  by  the  Lok Sabha on 29th  March, 1970.   From 31st  October, 1991, it has been renamed as “Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University”.

The University Campus
The main campus of the University is situated at Hisar at a distance of162 KM North-West of Delhi on National Highway No.10 and is 2 KM from the railway station and 3 KM from the Bus Stand.  University is spread over an area of 7219 Acres at Hisar and 1426 Acres at outstations.   Area at Hisar under  farms  is  6483  Acres  and  under  buildings  and  roads  is  736  Acres. During its existence so far it has made rapid progress in building an excellent infrastructure. It  has  one  of  the  best  developed  campuses  in  India  to  meet academic and extra-curricular needs of the students.


 The  University  has  the  following  constituent  colleges.  

 1.         College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Hisar

 2.         College of Agriculture, Hisar

 3.         College of Agriculture, Kaul

            This college is situated on the Karnal Pehowa road 170 km from Delhi and 150 km from Hisar.

 4.         College of Animal Sciences, Hisar

 5.         College of Basic Sciences & Humanities, Hisar

 6.         Indira Chakravarty College of Home Science

 7.         College of Veterinary Sciences

  Library and Information Services

 Nehru   Library the   hub   of   academic   and   research   activities   of   the university,  is  housed  in  a  centrally  located  elegant  building.   It  provides information  support  to  its  more  than  5300  patrons   teachers,  scientists, extension   specialists,   students   and   other   members   drawn   from   non- teaching  staff  and  general  public  -  from  its  collection  of  about  3.12  laks volumes of   books and other reading material, and 693 current Indian and foreign journals.   The library opens for 15-16 hours daily throughout the year.   It has  Reading Halls with cozy reading environment where 650 readers  can  sit  and  study  at  a  time.   Night  Reading  Hall,  with  modern facilities   -  exquisite   furniture, air-conditioned  environment  and uninterrupted  power  supply-  opens  immediately  after the  closure  of Library and keeps open up to midnight on all the days of week.  Around 80 readers can sit in the Hall.  Book Bank is a very popular service with the students who are entitled to borrow 4 textbooks each from its collection at nominal charges.   Bookshop is a service unique to this library as no other library  supports  this  activity.  The  students  and  teachers  can  buy  books from the Bookshop at discounts ranging from 10 to 35% against a market discount  structure  of  10-15%.Photocopying  service  is  provided  at  very cheaper rates 40 paise and 50 paise per exposure on ordinary and sunlit bond papers, respectively.

The  library  catalogue,  journals’  holdings,  circulation  operations  journals’ subscription,  purchase  of  books,  and  other  library  activities  are  fully computerized.  Online Catalogue, Circulation Database, Journals’ Holdings etc. can be accessed through all the PCs linked to the Campus Network as well  as  through  PCs  having  Internet  facility.       More  than  150  CDs  of Biological   Abstracts,   CABI,   AGRICOLA,   AGRIS,   National   Sample Survey,  Indian  Science  Abstracts,  and  Encyclopedia  Britannica  form  the back bone of CD-ROM database - based information services.  In addition, there are more than 2000  CDs of books and   dissertations. Videoconferencing  facility,  Multimedia  library,  Internet  Lab,  more  than 2072 e-journals are the other feathers in the cap of library services.  There is  a  modern  health-friendly  canteen  in  the  library  premises  where  the library user can get light refreshing eatables and drinks.

Directorate of Students’ Welfare


The Directorate is responsible for the welfare of students and helps in their counselling and placement, cultural and sports activities. 

a)       Hostel Facilities

Accommodation  is  provided  in  14  hostels  of  the  University  out  of which 12 hostels (8 for Male 3 for Female and 1 for married PG students) are situated at Hisar and two hostels, one each for male/female at Kaul campus. All  the  modern  facilities  such  as  gas  connection,  furniture,  TV  with  cable connection, leading News Papers and Magazine and solar water heating system are  provided.         All  the  hostels  have  EPABX  phone  facilities  as  well  as  in- coming calls facilities.  Two hostel wardens look after the management of each hostel.  Each  hostel  has  been  provided  water  cooler  with  aqua  guard  for  safe drinking water. The messes of hostels are running on cooperative basis.


(b)      Giri Centre for Sports Activities


The Giri Centre for students sports activities is an outstanding feature of this University.  It has two indoor badminton courts with a seating capacity for 600  spectators,  two  indoor  squash  courts,  hobby  rooms,  two  multipurpose indoor  gymnasium  with  a  reasonable  seating  capacity.  A  synthetic  track  of international standard has also been provided in the athletic stadium.


(c)       Co-curricular Activities


The Directorate of Students’ Welfare is also responsible for promotion of  all  co-curricular  activities  such  as  Sports,  NCC,  NSS,  Mountaineering, Graphic Arts, Literary, Music, Dance, Drama, NIS, etc.  For promotion of these activities, various trainings are arranged from time to time.


(d)      Students Counselling and Placement Cell

The  Counselling  &  Placement  Cell  of  the  Directorate  in  association with   the   Department   of   Employment,   Haryana,   has   set   up    University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau which provides information to the  students on  job opportunities, competitive examinations, scholarships/fellowship etc. It also conducts trainings/coaching classes for the entrance  examinations,  and  explores  the  job  opportunities  in  the  public  and private sectors and arranges the campus interviews. Besides,   the   centre   brings   out   ‘Career   Bulletin’   –a   fortnightly magazine for students of the University to keep them abreast of information on job opportunities, admissions, scholarships, fellowships etc. in India & abroad.


Medical Services


There is a well-equipped 50 bed Hospital on the main campus at Hisar and  3  Dispensaries  at  out-station  i.e.  College  of  Agriculture,  Kaul  (Kaithal), Regional Research Stations, Karnal and Bawal. The Hospital at main campus has 5 Doctors and a Dentist.   Round the clock medical aid is provided to the students, staff and other trainees.